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Tag: Rainbow Lorikeet

Australia 22

Backyard Birding – Lock-Down Pleasures

As I sat quietly reflecting in our courtyard, absorbing the warm winter sun, enjoying my hot chocolate and Tim Tams, watching the bees harvest nectar from the Lavender flowers and smiling at the occasional Noisy Miner as it plunges into the birdbaths only a few feet away and shakes its butt as it trustingly watches me, I pondered on what […]

Australia 15

A Weekend Away – Anniversary Birding

Last weekend my wife and I spent a few days in the Newcastle area to celebrate our wedding anniversary and have some birding time together, as well as birding time out walking and birding with my eldest son and his boys. One of the places we love to visit when there is the Walka Water Works near Maitland which seldom […]

Australia 20

The Quest for Nectar – The Plight of the Honeyeater

Australia has over 70 species of Honeyeater as wells as many other birds not classified as such which enjoy feeding on our nectar rich native flowers. Interesting enough, Australia’s native trees and shrubs grow in some the poorest soils in the world, and yet conversely are among the most nectar producing. Early settlers from Europe had discovered the acid soils […]