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Tag: Rainbow Lorikeet

Australia 18

Breed’n Seas’n – Nestings-A-Go !

We have finally arrived at our first day of transitioning out of lock-down here in Sydney, where many have already been out since midnight shopping and celebrating after our 106 days of confinement and restrictions, though many still apply, as we are not yet permitted to leave the Sydney region for our planned holiday. Meanwhile the birds have been unaffected […]

Australia 15

Back in the Bush Birding – Oatley Park Reserve

While we continue in lock-down and the 5 km radius rule, we recently realized it also included our favorite local park Oatley Park Reserve. On previous walks here in the past few weeks there was hardly anything worth reporting, however, on our walks last weekend we were surprised to find a hive of activity, as my post will uncover. To start with, as I walked along the track where usually we would see many birds, it was very quiet, for many migrating birds had not returned this Spring, possibly due to the millions of birds lost in the fire storms down south last Summer which normally migrate here for the warmer weather. As I walked along I said to God, […]