Australian Birds 6

Back Home Birding Again – Oatley Park Reserve

Having returned home from our Kimberley adventure we thought it time to check out our local park Oatley Park Reserve and see how it is doing after the rains. Thankfully the flooded and boggy tracks were now passable. Our first encounter was a small flock of Royal Spoonbill (also known as Black-billed Spoonbill) foraging at low tide in Lime Kiln […]

Australian Birds 9

Waterbirds in the Desert – The Brolga – Part 4

Continuing our amazing exploration of The Kimberley region in North Western Australia, my wife and I marveled at how many waterbird species and numbers of birds could be found in this hot arid region. The rivers, lakes and swamps form vital gathering, resting, watering and feeding places for so many waterbirds including ducks and waders, guaranteeing their survival until the […]

Australian Birds 20

Where Raptors Reign – Kings of the Sky – Part 2

This week I will showcase the many raptors that frequent the skies in the Kimberley. Being mostly flat arid, savanna and open woodland country, away from human habitation, it provides many opportunities for eagles, kites, harriers, kestrels and Buzzards to soar, often endlessly throughout the day. The variety and the frequency of seeing one or more is a feature up […]