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Tag: Crested Pigeon

Australia 22

Backyard Birding – Lock-Down Pleasures

As I sat quietly reflecting in our courtyard, absorbing the warm winter sun, enjoying my hot chocolate and Tim Tams, watching the bees harvest nectar from the Lavender flowers and smiling at the occasional Noisy Miner as it plunges into the birdbaths only a few feet away and shakes its butt as it trustingly watches me, I pondered on what […]

Australia 18

Backyard Birding Blessings – The Crested Pigeon

As we move through our second week of Covid contact isolation (which means no leaving home or making personal contact) and the extended Sydney lock-down, as Delta continues its rapid spread here in many places close to home, my wife and I have been enjoying our time together, as she continues to work from home and I continue writing my […]