Why Birding ? What’s so great about it ?!

Birding is a very interesting hobby, full of variety, like Forrest Gump’sbox of chocolates, ‘you do not know what you will get’ each time you go out, which adds a touch of excitement to it.  This is because Australia has such a rich variety of bird species, which live in a  variety of interesting habitats. Many birds occur in different areas  at different times of year. Because most birds fly, and can move about, they make  each visit to a particular habitat different and interesting on each occasion.

Birding is a good pastime for making friends.Birders are generally friendly, knowledgeable people,  enthusiastic and keen to share their knowledge with others of like mind. It is enjoyable meeting other birders you know on the track and share experiences.

Birding is great to stimulate young minds and bodies to a healthy lifestyle,it increases their awareness of life around them, making them more ‘mindful’ and appreciative, not just of birds but of the other aspects of nature and wildlife that they observe. It sharpens one’s senses of hearing and seeing as one tunes in to the world about them and diverts the focus of their stressful life to an enjoyable distraction for a time.  It encourages us to conscientious about conservation and protecting our endangered species. Bird counts are performed annually by many keen birders in an attempt to monitor and save threatened species.

Birding helps us live better lives. We learn a lot about life watching the birds, for this reason Jesus Christ even told us to: Watch and Learn from the Birds. My book release “What Birds Teach Us” shows how we can learn from the behavior of our birds in order to live a happy and healthy life.

Birding has concomitant rewards because birds live in lovely, sometimes beautiful places, thus you get to enjoy more than just birds. We include birding in our holidays and weekends, and we are always blessed with a beautiful appreciation of our rainforests, bush, seascape, riverscape, flora and fauna found in the areas we bird in. This is a wonderful way to become more mindful by adsorbing into our minds and spirit the sights, sounds, smells and atmosphere that the appreciation of nature brings. The peace and pleasant memories we experience when out in the bush or park can be carried into our busy work, school or home life to give us mindful moments of time out to rest and arrest our minds and emotions to a more peaceful, pleasant and soothing state. This occurs as we relive the memory, re earthing ourselves back in bush with the birds, even if just for a few seconds at a time. Many find this very helpful for restoring peace in a stressful, monotonous or unpleasant situation. My web page on The Mindfulness of Birding will give more detail.

Read the health benefits of birding from an independent university study: Click Here

Birding is for all ages, and a great family activity, even for the very young. It is a great family activity, which can helps encourage family bonding as the enjoyment of spotting birds and identifying them is shared. A pair of binoculars is a great gift along with a current Australian bird field guide to get their interest and develop a love for the conservation of their natural heritage.

Happy Birding !

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To introduce people to our amazing Australian Birds

To learn from them better ways of living a healthy happy life

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  1. I’ve only just found this birding page whilst searching for learning about photographing Birds, now I see why i’ve been a hopeless bird photographer.. I now am going to take my skills to a new level.. I’ve seen so many birds whilst wandering around the wetlands but haven’t had any knowledge of how or where to go.. That will probably change as from tomorrow… Thank you very much for your posting.. Neville…

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    • Thanks Neville for your welcome comment, we all become better with practice and trying different methods and I am sure your journey is not much different to my own. If I can be of any help please feel free to send an email from my AboutUs page or through a comment in my blog post. My aim is to educate birders as well as showcase our beautiful Aussie birds. My InfoTips page and current post on the 5Ls to Better Birding also may be of assistance. One of the reasons why bird photography is so popular is the challenge to catch the bird in the moment, it is similar to firing a rifle on a bird shoot, you become more accurate and creative as you spend time at it. Photos are a great record and proof of seeing a bird, and they also teach us a lot about each bird which I find most interesting as a scientist, learning their peculiar characteristics of behaviour and applying them to human life skills as counselling tools. This is the purpose of my first book and now my second I am currently researching to write soon. Enjoy your birding experience, and don’t be too hard on yourself, your first photos you will replace one day with much better ones. Have a great week!