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Tag: Yellow Thornbill

Australia 20

Winter in the West – The Yellow Thornbill

Last weekend my wife and I drove to the little country town of Dungog at the southern foot of the Barrington Mountains, about 220 km north-west of Sydney for a special booksigning Saturday morning arranged and sponsored by one of my current best book-selling shops Sassafras Dungog. It was a great success and a most enjoyable morning meeting the locals, […]

Australia 15

A Weekend Away – Anniversary Birding

Last weekend my wife and I spent a few days in the Newcastle area to celebrate our wedding anniversary and have some birding time together, as well as birding time out walking and birding with my eldest son and his boys. One of the places we love to visit when there is the Walka Water Works near Maitland which seldom […]

Australia 14

The Great River Walk – What Winter Birds Are There ?

Having picked up my camera and lens from having its 5 month hospitalization and major surgery, my wife and I headed out west of Sydney to the The Great River Walk, which runs along the Nepean River at Penrith. You may remember we visited this walk for the first time in Summer, so we thought it good to check out the Winter birds here. They were fewer and much the same, and in much the same places, but no nesting this time or males displaying. Though as you can see above the male Superb Fairy-wrens were well decked out in breeding plumage, as they can breed several times in one year.  It’s inland cousin, the Splendid Fairy-wren is the one […]