Red-tailed Tropic Bird in flight (2)

Welcome to my special page for highlighting special characteristics of birds or displaying my favourite photos. It is also a place where I link people to answers to their questions and share particular truths about birds and Australian wildlife. For example, you may ask why Aussiebirder has the Red-tailed Tropic Bird as his avatar, and why he uses it as his business logo. The answer is that, this was the bird that got him interested in birding as a recreational pastime, and continues to inspire him in life.  It was his search for the ‘backward-flying bird’ as he put it, that took him to Lord Howe Island in pursuit of this peculiar yet inspiring bird.

My Grey Butcherbird friend who visits each day calling in the morning (for Kathy – Backyard Bird Nerd).

Sometimes his excited call gets quite intense, it always makes me smile with delight.

Eastern Water Dragon (for Donna of Nature and Wildlife Pics)




Leap of Faith – When small birds take to flight (for Birder’s Journey (BJ)

One of the things I have learned from bird observing and photographing, is how small birds leap from the branch into the air with their wings closed. It is often so fast one never actually sees it, but the camera does. Above, this was one of my first observations on one of my first real birding trips to Lord Howe Island. Since then over 6 years ago, I have photographed the same behaviour with many species of small birds. The two above are the ones I could find easily. I will add to it later. Notice the length of the leap in the second photo, this is taken from some distance in foggy weather.