A short selection from the songs I wrote and sung in my earlier years

for my dear Blog Followers and dear Friends.

May they encourage you in your faith.

1. We Are The Family of God: was inspired by experiencing the move of the Holy Spirit at a Summer School conference meeting where an amazing spirit of love and brotherhood swept unexpectedly over everyone in the auditorium. People prayed and wept and repented with one another. It changed my life and that of those present. This song was used in previous churches as a hymn. Sung by the Encouragers

2. A Fresh New Moment of Grace: was written to compliment a series I preached on Living in the Freedom of Forgiveness  which was presented years ago at Narara Valley Baptist church. The first week’s message had little more than a dozen people present , but the numbers grew at each session, by the last message the place was packed with people including many from other churches in the area. The message of grace is just so liberating, and sadly many, as was my experience as the eldest son in the parable (Luke 15: 11-32), until I found myself destitute and in the position of the younger prodigal son. 

The Encouragers 1989

3. Encouragement: was the theme song for our band, the Encouragers. Encouragement was the theme of our music ministry which many of our songs reflect. We also held and wrote a special Encouragement theme night which our band presented and people from many from other churches attended as it was to be just that: Encouragement, and we can all do with lots of that. 

4. It is Finished: is another song I wrote for the Encouragers and was on our cassette tape release, back in those days, which highlights the importance of the finished work of our Lord Jesus in securing our salvation.

5. Rise Above It All:  was an important part of my online ministry in Christian chat rooms many years ago and reportedly helped many suffering believers when I had the alias name Sanctuary of the Heart and Thermal Glider. The latter name became my main ministry tool, like that of the eagle which use to maintain its position, without moving a wing, above my head even in the wind, when I lived by the beach whenever it saw me, so people would call out “Ashley your eagle is here !” and without a movement after a minute or so just drift off, especially if I pointed my camera at it. It was a testimony to this song, and the photo of that eagle is below. This song is an application of Isaiah 40:31


6. Truth Trek: is my testimony song which was sung in my band The Reason Why during the coffee house ministry days. Many teens came to Christ during that time. I was never a gifted singer, but the Lord called me to write songs and sing and raise several bands over the years for ministry to youth in coffee houses and churches. 

During my early twenties some friends gave me the nickname, the Prophet.  In the adjoining photo from 1976,  you will see my hand holding my concealed Bible in the side pocket, as if it were a gun ready to draw. I loved that old duffel coat, and the look served me well, especially when giving gospel talks at the The Light House Coffee House. It was one of the few places teens could come to for a good night out. 

7. Father I’m On My Way Back Home Again: is one of the songs from the musical Journey Out of Darkness I wrote, which was performed by the youth group at Narara Valley church and also a lesser form in The Reason Why band years before. This is a practice recording for the actors.

Lastly, Together Forever: was written during a time when some dear Christian friends died in the prime of their lives for various reasons, and I sang it for them in church and at their funeral, including my mum’s. This song touches me deeply every time I hear it.

Thank you for taking the time to come on this little nostalgic journey with me.

I do pray something encouraging was received.

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