A short selection from the songs I wrote and sung in my earlier years

May they encourage you in your faith.

1. Love Story No. 1: Here us a fun song to start with which I wrote in my early years in the Coffee House ministry days and sung here years later with the Encouragers band.

2. We Are The Family of God: was inspired after experiencing the Holy Spirit  sweep unexpectedly over everyone in the auditorium. People prayed and wept and repented with one another, as everyone present experienced a spirit of love, brotherhood and sense of family. It was life changing. This song has been used as a hymn in some churches in my past. Sung by the Encouragers

3. A Fresh New Moment of Grace: was written to compliment a series I preached on Living in the Freedom of Forgiveness  which was presented years ago in a Baptist church. The first week’s message had little more than a dozen people present , but the numbers grew at each session, by the last message the place was packed with people including many from other churches in the area. Sadly, many say they are saved by grace through faith, but do not live or speak as if they really experience it.

4. Encouragement: was the theme song for our band, the Encouragers. Encouragement was the theme of our music ministry which many of our songs reflect. We also held and wrote a special Encouragement theme night which our band presented and people from other churches attended as it was to be just that: Encouragement, and we can all do with lots of that. 

5. Rise Above It All:  was an important part of my online ministry in Christian chat rooms many years ago and reportedly helped suffering believers through difficult life circumstances. When I lived near a beach, years ago, God would send a White-bellied Sea-Eagle,  which would, when it found me, maintain its position above my head, without moving a wing, even in the wind. Whenever people saw it above me, they would call out “Ashley your eagle is here !” and without a movement after a minute or so would just drift off, and return another time when it saw me out and about. It was a testimony to this song, and the photo of that eagle is below. This song is an application of Isaiah 40:31 This a recent film adaption.

6. The Ballard of Humpty Dumpty: This is another fun song which I wrote for children, which many adults enjoy also and is an interpretation of the meaning of the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. Many of the English nursery rhymes had religeous or political meanings to them, it is not hard to know how this one works. 

7. Truth Trek: is my testimony song which was sung in my band The Reason Why during the coffee house ministry days in the early 70s. Many teens came to Christ during that time. I was never a gifted singer, but the Lord called me to write songs and sing and raise several bands over the years for ministry to youth in coffee houses and churches. 

8. Where Two are One: A special song written for and sung at several Christian weddings. Accompanied by the Encouragers. 

During my early twenties some friends gave me the nickname, the Prophet.  In the adjoining photo from 1976,  you will see my hand holding my concealed Bible in the side pocket, as if it were a gun ready to draw. I loved that old duffel coat, and the look served me well, especially when giving gospel talks at the The Light House Coffee House. It was one of the few places teens could come to for a free safe night out.  Many teens came to know Jesus as a result of this ministry.

9 Father I’m On My Way Back Home Again: is one of the songs from the musical Journey Out of Darkness which I wrote in the early 1970s, which was performed by the youth group at a baptist church I attended at the time.

10. Together Forever: was written during a time when some dear Christian friends died in the prime of their lives for various reasons, and I sang it for them in church and funerals, including my mum’s. This song touches me deeply every time I hear it.

Last of all a poem: Suffering which God has used to comfort and encourage several of my friends who died in their prime, mentioned in the above song. One friend had it beside her bed and read it first thing each morning and through the day, as she courageously suffered the last stages of cancer. It won International Poet of Merit Silver Award Bowl and merit medal for best spiritual poem in the International Poetry Society Competition 2002, and nominated for Poet of the Year 2002. However I was unable to attend the convention that year in Washington DC.

Thank you for taking the time to share this nostalgic journey with me.

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