A Selection of Ashley Hewson’s Songs from the Past


On this page you can listen to some of Ashley’s spiritual songs written throughout the years from 1976 to now. Ashley has been involved with Christian music bands as well as worship bands in churches, and written prophetic and worship songs, some targeting specific individuals. My prayer is that these songs will bless you and assist in bringing a fresh appreciation of the grace of God, knowing Jesus as Lord and also best friend, the beautiful relationship of knowing God as Father, the freedom of forgiveness, the love of being a part of the family of God. Some of the songs are recorded by myself on my computer and the ones where you hear other assisting instruments and voices are taken from The Encouragers album recorded in 1980s with a wonderful band which became a very popular Christian band for a time.

Love Story No. 1 this was a very popular 12 bars blues number sung by several of my bands, and here by the Encouragers. This fun song is taken from Jesus words from John 3:16.

A Fresh New Moment of Grace was written for a teaching series  presented in a church on ‘Living in the Freedom of Forgiveness’. This song was inspired by the teachings of Geoffrey Bingham, an amazing preacher and Bible teacher who helped strengthen my Christian life during my early years.

We are the Family of God was entirely inspired by the Holy Spirit  after returning from an amazing Christian conference where the Holy Spirit visited everyone present giving us all an amazing experience of love for one another. Hundreds of people wept and prayed and hugged one another, all overcome with a fresh and overwhelming love of God. I wrote this song within half an hour on returning home immediately after the conference, and has been used a hymn in past churches I played in.

Rise Above It All  was written as an encouragement for those suffering the stress of life. It is taken from Isaiah 40: 29-31 and was used when encouraging people through difficult times. One work friend often got stressed, and when I could see it happening I would stretch out my arms and act like a soaring eagle smiling, she would smile and give me a thumbs up, knowing she could switch to soaring mode where she could rest on the wings of grace, and her peace would return.

Loves Smoothed Edges was written to encourage people in their relationships with others, in that we help smoothing and forming the character of each other by our time spent and interaction with each other. One of the beaches I lived near was covered in smooth river stones and the action of them rolling over each other was making them more beautiful and smoother.

Truth Trek  was written during my evangelistic Coffee House days of The Lighthouse coffee house ministry, when I led the band The Reason Why. It is my testimony song of how I came to know Jesus personally.

Encouragement was written as the theme song for the Christian band The Encouragers and was used in conjunction with our Encouragement theme night, where the band would present a special night, inviting everyone from various churches in the area. This proved to be a great success, and many shared testimony to how it helped them personally.

It is Finished was song recorded by the Encourages and highlights the finished work of Jesus on the cross for our sins. It was once for all people, for all time, and never need be repeated as he was THE perfect sacrifice, giving up his life out of his amazing love for us.

Together Forever is a goodbye song written to farewell several dear Christian friends who left this world in the prime of their life. It was also the song I sang for my mum at her celebration service. I always find it touches deeply and some times weep when singing it along with others. However, it is a song of hope and thanksgiving, for those who are our family in Jesus.

The Encouragers – a past musical and spiritual highlight in my life.

Bluegrass Special some of the music I like to play.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to a small collection from the many inspirational moments of my past. I pray something will have encouraged you and inspire you in your life journey. Click here to return to my HomePage.

NOTE: All photos, videos and music used on this website are photographed, composed, performed  by the site owner and remains his copyrighted property, unless otherwise stated. The use of any material that is not original material of the site owner is duly acknowledged as such. © W. A. Hewson 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.


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