ISBN: 978-0-646-81347-9

Second Edition: Improved & Enlarged.

  • A unique and beautifully illustrated book featuring over 100 photos of 37 popular Australian birds and their interesting behavioural characteristics, which are used to teach valuable life skills, in line with ethical Bible teaching, which encourages young people to make wise life choices. 

  • Simple easy reading text targets a reading age of 8 years to adult. A book that continues to be enjoyed by all ages.

  • The book in its previous 1st edition was a sell out success as parents, grandparents, educators and counsellors saw the value of this book in the hands of Primary School children as it addresses in a non confronting manner, relevant life issues they are having to navigate through.

  • The author:  Lives in South Hurstville and is an active believer in the Lord Jesus. As a recently retired medical scientist, he currently studies Australian birds and their behaviour, having taken Jesus words from Matthew 6:26 to heart: “Look at the birds of the airthey do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” His book, is a legacy to his grandchildren as well as Australia’s youth, where he combines his passion for Australian birds with that of educating our youth in making good life choices, in order to avoid the pitfalls so many experience in the dysfunctional aspects of life. He seeks to make the book available through his website ministry and the many shops, including Koorong Books, who market the book as Pre-Evangelistic 

  • The author holds an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy (Christian)

  • The book is a non judgmental, non confrontational presentation that can be enjoyed by all people from all backgrounds.

  • The author offers the possibility of using the book as a fundraiser, which, another Christian school has done successfully, and are hoping to do again post Covid, where $5 from every book sold for the Special School Price of $25, goes to the school. This can be done either through a planned strategy using an online video presentation for parents and P&C meeting, specifically for your school or by using your school fete where it is sold, as prospective Christmas or Birthday gift, or by the author giving a short dynamic and interactive talk at a special assembly or chapel gathering of parents and friends (but later post Covid). The Covid year has prevented the many engagements previously planned for schools.

  • The author is available for a short dynamic and interactive library talks to introduce the book and understanding the importance of birds in the Bible, and how God uses them many times to illustrate both his own gracious character and  to teach us how to live by faith, as the birds do. The author holds a WWCC workers certification.

  • The author hosts a weekly blog post from this website through which he continues to teach more specifically in regard to the Gospel, using the birds to encourage those who purchase the book, where many positive outcomes have been and are being encountered.

  • Here are some examples of the book pages:

The Rainbow Lorikeet teaches being a Faithful friend and Partner

The Superb Lyrebird teaches the importance of being a good listener.

The Noisy Miner teaches  How to Deal with Bullies.

In Summary:

If after reading the above you would like to view the book or discuss it,

please contact the author (details below).


Contact Details:

William ‘Ashley’ Hewson

Phone: 0403 593 727



‘To encourage all people to make good life choices,

using birds to teach important life skills.’

W. A. Hewson (Adv. Dip. Counselling & Family Therapy).

NOTE: All photos, videos and music used on this website are photographed, composed, performed  by the site owner and remains his copyrighted property, unless otherwise stated. The use of any material that is not original material of the site owner is duly acknowledged as such. © W. A. Hewson 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.


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