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 ISBN: 978-0-646-81347-9

Second Edition: Improved & Enlarged.

Due to the sell-out success of the 1st Edition, it is followed by an Updated, Improved and Enlarged 2nd Edition.

A Beautiful Inexpensive Gift That Will Go On Giving for Many Years.

  • A unique and beautifully illustrated book featuring photos of 37 popular Australian birds and their interesting behaviour.

  • Simple easy reading text targets a reading age of 8 years to adult. A book that continues to be enjoyed by all ages.

  • Parents can read and discuss it with their younger children, reading a bird a day, with over 100 colourful photos explaining the text.

The Rainbow Lorikeet teaches the importance of being a faithful partner and friend.

  • Helpful life skills are gleaned and shared from the behaviour of each bird. 

The Superb Lyrebird teaches the importance of being a good listener.

  • Relevant to the Primary School aged child’s current life context, and deals with issues pertinent to growing children, such as the importance of trust, obedience, faithfulness, punctuality, effective listening, dealing with bullies, keeping safe from peer group coercion, playing safe, to name but a few.  It complements  aspects of the Primary School’s Personal DevelopmentHealth and Physical Education (PDHPE) K-6). Curriculum.

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The Noisy Miner teaches  How to Deal with Bullies.

In Summary:


A Beautiful, Unique and Interesting Gift for a Child or adult bird lover.

W. A. Hewson (Adv. Dip. Counselling & Family Therapy).

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