Two very unique and special publications to appear in 2020 

by W. ‘Ashley’ Hewson

“What Birds Teach Us” 

Second Edition: Improved & Enlarged:

A beautifully illustrated presentation in which the author draws upon the unique behavioural characteristics of some of Australia’s popular birds and integrates these with important life skills, to encourage us all to do life better. This is a book for all ages, cultures and belief systems and is written to target reading skills of ages 8 years to adult, so anyone can enjoy it. It is also ideal for parents to read and discuss with their younger children. Over 100 of the author’s colour bird photos, some quite unique and rare captures, set in a 80 page presentation with easy reading text in glossy, soft covered  A4 format. This book is a compilation of the author’s love, knowledge and photography  of Australian birds, his family counselling studies (Adv. Dip. of Counselling and Family Therapy) and his heart felt passion to educate our youth  in making good life choices for an enjoyable, prosperous and satisfying life. 

What is Improved and Enlarged with this 2nd Edition?

This Second Edition was published with the encouragement of parents, educators and counsellors following the success of the First Edition, which sold out of print. The additional features to this book are improved photographs of our beautiful Australian birds as well as additional birds and life skills (relevant to current issues being experienced by school aged children). It is a bonus that this book complements  important aspects of the NSW Primary Schools PDH curriculum (K-6).

When is this book available to purchase?

This book is expected to be available early March 2020. Notification of its availability will appear on this website (where purchase through secure PayPal will be available as was previously), in my weekly blog post, Home Page and through the book sellers and gift shops who have previously sold Edition One. If multiple copies are required please order by email to where instructions will be given for purchase. The author will also be available for short interesting 20 minute PowerPoint presentations in Primary Schools, P&C groups, Clubs, Churches and other organisations where a percentage of book sales will be donated to the school or organisation as a fund raiser. It is also ideal for sale at school fetes (See add below).

Attention: Primary School Parents, Teachers, Clubs and Churches!

A Great Fundraiser for your School or Group!

Aussiebirder addressing a Primary School

The above author holds an Advanced Diploma in Counseling and Family Therapy. His passion in 2020 is to assist in equipping our children and young people to make wise choices for life. Ashley as Aussiebirder, is available for Library Talks and Book Presentations in Schools and Groups. His book complements the NSW Primary School Syllabus for PDH (K-6) and has had favorable reviews from readers, counselors and educators, especially in regard to the unique nature of the book, which uses our beautiful  Australian birds to teach important life skills. . Ashley enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion, by delivering PowerPoint talks to school groups, P & C groups, church groups, club groups and in seminars. An offering is made of a percentage of each book sale back to the school or organisation. A second book is planned to be published for young adults, later in 2020. To make contact Email: or use the email contact at the foot of this page.


“Flight of a Fledgling”

  Growing Up and Leaving Home.

Cover may be different

Following on from “What Birds Teach Us”,  this book targets the ages 16 years to adult. It features many colourful photos and behavioural characteristics of our beautiful Australian birds in its 80 page landscape format presentation.  Again the birds teach important lessons and life skills which may be helpful in both personal and family relationships. The emphasis being on preparation for family life. Important aspects of relationship,  conflict resolution and living a balanced healthy life are covered by the author.  These books are/will also become available on the authors website: where notification of publication will be given of its availability (possibly mid 2020).

To Contact Author:

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