This page lists the birds my wife and I sighted during the year 2017, with date and location. You may find this helpful when seeking particular bird species to explore. Each bird is listed once in alphabetical order, followed by Location Code and date. This list will generally be updated weekly with each new blog post. Some of these birds listed for a particular day may not have been included in the post for that week. We hope this will be helpful to local birders following my blog.

Location Codes:   AOH = Around Our Home, Southern Sydney.

                                     AGH = Along the Gwyder Highway NSW

                                     BGNP = Barren Grounds National Park

                                    BBNP = Botany Bay National Park

                                     BHAR = Boat Harbour Aquatic Reserve

                                      CP =  Centennial Park, Sydney.

                                       ACR = Along the Clarence River NSW

                                       KBH = Kiama Blowhole Park

                                       KNP =  Kuringai Chase National Park

                                        LAM = Lake Alexandria, Mittagong

                                     LRAR = Long Reef Aquatic Reserve.

                                       MNP = Morton National Park (Fitzroy Falls)

                                      MRC = Minnamurra Rainforest Centre

                                      NLT = Narrabeen Lagoon Trail

                                      OPR = Oatley Park Reserve.

                                     RNP = Royal National Park.

                                      SBG = Sydney Botanical Gardens

                                     SOP = Sydney Olympic Park.                                  

                                     SSB = San Souci Beach (Riverside Drive)

                                    WW = Warriewood Wetlands Reserve

Australian Brush Turkey: WW>25/1/17

Australasian Darter: SOP>18/5/17

Australasian Grebe: OPR>27/2/17; LAM>13/6/17

Australian King Parrot: MRC>27/5/17

Australian Pelican: SOP>2/1/17; NLT>27/1/17

Australian Pipit: BHAR>9/2/17

Australian White Ibis:SOP>2/1/17; CP>22/1/17; SSB>9/2/17

Australian Wood Duck: RNP>17/02/17; SOP>18/5/17

Azure Kingfisher: RNP>3/2/17

Bar-tailed Godwit: SSB>9/2/17; SSB>18/5/17

Bassian Thrush: RNP>17/02/17

Black-faced Monach: OPR>13/2/17

Black-fronted Dotterel: CP>22/1/17; SOP>18/5/17

Black Swan: CP>22/1/17; NLT>27/1/17; SOP>18/5/17;

Black-winged Stilt: SOP>18/5/17

Brahminy Kite: ACR>18/4/17

Brolga: ACR>18/4/17

Brown Thornbill: NLT>27/1/17; WW>25/1/17; RNP>17/02/17;OPR>26/02/17; MRC>4/3/17; BGNP>13/6/17

Channel-billed Cuckoo: OPR>2/1/17; WW>25/1/17

Chestnut Teal: SOP>2/1/17; OPR>26/02/17

Common Myna: CP>22/1/17

Crested Pigeon: LRAR>15/1/17; NLT>27/1/17

Crested Tern: SSB>9/2/17

Dollarbird: OPR>2/1/17; OPR>26/02/17

Dusky Moorhen: CP>22/1/17; WW>25/1/17; OPR>26/02/17

Eastern ‘Black-backed’ Magpie: AOH>16/1/17; OPR>26/02/17

Eastern Bristlebird: BGNP>27/5/17

Eastern Curlew: SSB>9/2/17

Eastern Koel: LRAR>15/1/17; AOH>22/1/17

Eastern Crimson Rosella: BGNP>27/5/17

Eastern Rosella: OP>2/1/17

Eastern Spinebill: WW>25/1/17; RNP>17/02/17; OPR>26/02/17; BGNP>27/5/17; LAM>13/6/17

Eastern Whipbird: NLT>27/1/17

Eastern Yellow Robin: NLT>27/1/17; MRC>4/3/17; 27/5/17; RNP>5/5/17; BGNP>27/5/17

Emu: AGH>23/4/17

Fairy Martin: CP>22/1/17

Figbird: OPR>13/1/17

Golden Whistler: OPR>25/2/17; MRC>4/3/17

Great Egret: OPR>26/2/17; SOP>18/5/17

Grey Butcherbird: NLT>27/1/17; OPR>27/02/17; SOP>18/5/17

Grey Fantail: MRC>4/3/17

Grey-tailed Tattler: LRAR>15/1/17

Grey Whistler:  ; BGNP>13/6/17

Hardhead: CP>22/1/17; LAM>13/6/17

Jabiru: >Near Kempsey on bipass >18/4/17

Laughing Kookaburra: NLT>27/1/17; OPR>26/02/17

Leaden Flycatcher: OPR>26/2/17; MRC>4/3/17

Lewin’s Honeyeater: NLT>27/1/17; RNP>17/02/17; MRC>27/5/17

Little Black Cormorant: LRAR>15/1/17; SOP>18/5/17; SBG>30/5/17

Little Corella: AOH>16/1/17; CP>22/1/17; LBH>5/3/17

Little Eagle: ACR>18/4/17

Little Pied Cormorant: NLT>27/1/17; LAM>13/6/17

Little Tern: SSB>9/2/17

Little Wattlebird: WW>25/1/17; KNP>26/1/17; BGNP>27/5/17

Long-billed Corella: LBH>5/3/17

Magpie (Eastern ‘Black Backed’): OPR>2/1/17; WW>25/1/17

Magpie-lark: CP>22/1/17

Mallard:  LAM>13/6/17

Masked Lapwing: CP>22/1/17; NLT>27/1/17; SOP>18/5/17

New Holland Honeyeater: KNP>26/1/17; RNP>17/02/17; BGNP>27/5/17; BGNP>13/6/17

Noisy Friarbird: RNP>5/5/17

Noisy Miner: OPR>2/1/17; AOH>16/1/17

Olive-backed Oriole: OPR>2/1/17; WW>25/1/17

Osprey: ACR>18/4/17

Pacific Black Duck: CP>22/1/17; WW>25/1/17; SOP>18/5/17

Pacific Golden Plover: LRAR>15/1/17

Pale-headed Rosella: Moree Common>27/4/17

Pied Cormorant: CP>22/1/17; NLT>27/1/17; SOP>18/5/17

Pied Currawong: AOH>16/1/17; CP>22/1/17; OPR>24/2/17; MRC>4/3/17

Purple Swamphen: CP>22/1/17; WW>25/1/17; SOP>18/5/17

Rainbow Lorikeet: OPR>2/1/17; AOH>16/1/17; NLT>27/1/17; RNP>17/02/17

Red-browed Finch: OPR>2/1/17

Red-necked Avocet: SOP>18/5/17

Red-necked Stint (non-breeding): LRAR>15/1/17

Red Wattlebird: LRAR>15/1/17

Red-whiskered Bulbul: NLT>27/1/17; OPR 27/2/17

Royal Spoonbill: CP>22/1/17; OPR>26/2/17; SOP>18/5/17

Rufous Fantail: OPR>27/2/17

Ruddy Turnstone: LRAR>15/1/17

Rufous (Nankeen) Night-Heron: CP>22/1/17; OPR>19/02/17

Sacred Kingfisher: OPR27/2/17

Scarlet Honeyeater: RNP>17/02/17

Silver Gull: LRAR>15/1/17; CP>22/1/17; SOP>18/5/17

Silvereye: NLT>27/1/17; RNP>17/02/17; OPR>24/2/17

Sooty Oystercatcher: LRAR>15/1/17

Spotted Turtle-Dove: LRAR> 15/1/17; AOH>22/1/17; OPR>27/2/17

Straw-necked Ibis: ACR>18/4/17

Striated Heron: OPR>24/2/17

Striated Thornbill: BGNP>13/6/17

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo: OPR>2/1/17; AOH>16/1/17; OPR>24/2/17

Superb Fairy-Wren: SOP>2/1/17; NLT>27/1/17; OPR>26/2/17; SOP>18/5/17

Superb Lyrebird: MRC>4/3/17; 27/5/17; RNP>5/5/17; MNP>13/6/17

Tawny Frogmouth: OPR>2/1/17

Variegated Fairy-wren: NLT>27/1/17; RNP>3/2/17

Whistling Kite: ACR>18/4/17

White-bellied Sea-Eagle: NLT>27/1/17; ACR>18/4/17

White-browed Scrubwren: NLT>27/1/17; WW>25/1/17

White-cheeked Honeyeater: KNP>26/1/17

White-faced Heron: LRAR>15/1/17; NLT>27/1/17; WW>25/1/17; OPR>24/2/17

White-throated Treecreeper: RNP>17/02/17

Willy Wagtail: NLT>27/1/17; OPR>24/2/17

Yellow-faced Honeyeater: RNP>17/02/17; 5/5/17; OPR>24/2/17; BGNP>27/5/17

Yellow Thornbill: WW>25/1/17

Yellow-throated Scrubwren: RNP>5/5/17