Mission and Vision Statements

My Mission Statement

My Mission: To encourage all people to make good life choices, using birds to teach important life skills.

My Vision for 2020 and Beyond

      1.  For my book “What Birds Teach Us” (2nd Edition) to become a best seller and sell out of print requiring a further print by 2021.

      2.   For my book to receive endorsements by educationists, counsellors and parents, including media attention on radio and TV with book reviews and library presentations. For my book to find its way into school and local libraries in every state.

      3.  For my book “Flight of a Fledgling” (Growing Up and Leaving Home) to be published in 2020, and that I will be able to successfully  fund its publication, and that if necessary many friends and followers will help fund it and that it will receive favourable reviews.

      3.  For my birding blog to grow weekly and have 1000 followers by 2021. For my website to become popular for learning about birds and  birding for all ages. To particularly interest young people in taking up birding as a hobby and families as a recreational pursuit.

      4.  For my website to be effective in helping people with difficulties in life by encouraging them to make good life choices,  and by offering the opportunity for them to find hope and love for life through faith in Jesus Christ should  they desire to do so.

      5.  For my book to sell in every state and territory of Australia with established markets, in particular by all National Parks and Wildlife Visitor Centres and many private book sellers. In addition, that a major book seller may sell it nation wide through their franchises.

      6.  For individuals having a position of influence within schools and community groups to see the value of my book, and share my passion to see it established, read  and sold as a teaching aid, encouraging others to likewise consider its value. For them to embrace the additional  selling point that it complements the NSW Public Schools (K-6) PDH Curriculum. For  my book to be listed in the NSW Public School Resource Catalogue.