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A  beautiful introduction to Australia’s amazing birds and their interesting lives. The author has integrated his knowledge of birds with his family counselling studies, to produce this very unique work, in which each bird teaches a helpful life skill, to assist the reader to make wise life choices for a happy healthy life. The book is unique in that it not only teaches about our birds but also what we can learn from their interesting life styles and behaviours. Recent research has found birds are much more intelligent than previously thought, and similar to us in many ways. The book targets a reading age of 8 years to adult, and is currently enjoyed by all ages.  It is  the perfect gift for a Primary School aged child, as it deals with the relevant life issues they encounter, but in a non confronting manner. This practical book assists in preparing them for life by encouraging them to make healthy life choices. Now available in its improved and enlarged second edition.

This beautifully presented, easy reading book, targets the older teenager and young adult. It uses over 150 beautiful images of Australian birds and interesting facts about them, many from recent research, to assist the reader to better understand themselves, their relationships and also prepare them for the unforeseen and sometimes difficult situations that occur throughout life. In this book the reader not only learns about birds but also learns from them better ways to live. It is an excellent gift for those who have left the Nest or soon to leave it. The book assists the reader to navigate life successfully in the world as an adult.  It contains gems of wisdom for maintaining a happy healthy life, but conveys its message in a non confronting manner, with helpful references for further reading and study. The book is an ideal gift for teens and adults of all ages.

About the Author:

William ‘Ashley’ Hewson resides in Sydney, Australia as a husband, father and grandfather, and has spent most of his life working in medical science laboratories, from which he has since retired. Ashley’s wife also shares his love of observing and studying bird behaviour as well as  photographing Australia’s beautiful birds. Ashley has united his birding passion and photography with his passion for lifestyle and family counselling (Adv. Dip. of  Counselling & Family Therapy) to author two unique books in which he integrates his photography and knowledge with helpful life skills learnt from the behaviour of  popular  Australian birds. Ashley is aware, from his own childhood experiences, of the need to encourage and assist the healthy development of our young people in making wise life choices.

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