2 comments on “IMG_9698

  1. I am enjoying catching up on your blog while we are vacationing in beautiful Colorado. I really enjoyed your wife’s picture of the beautiful bird that came to you! I pray your niece is doing better. I also loved the analogy of the fallen leaves and people who touched our lives in the past and how their legacy lives on. What a lovely day you and your wife had, and flowing streams again, yeah!🙌 Sorry for the long comment here but comments are closed on my overdue reads!😆 Praying for your surgery on Wednesday!! Blessing to you and your wife😊


    • Thanks so much Jen, so glad you are having a lovely vacation, they are such great times to refresh and have family time. We are doing the same in a couple of weeks time, heading north to escape the cold weather. Colorado is a beautiful place to explore from what my blogging friends have shown me. My niece is back in her home town and spending the occasional day at home with her children, as she did last weekend for her twins birthday party. She is slowly becoming more mobile but a long way to go yet. It has so strengthened and renewed her faith, she is amazing! Yes my wife still remarks how much she enjoys our birding dates, especially the Red-capped Robin one. Thanks for your valued prayers for tomorrow, resting in our Lord’s peace and praying for a good outcome. Thanks again for being encouraging you Jen, my dear sister in Christ!


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