Gift Offer

Special Book Gift Offer

If you want to purchase the book as a gift to be posted to your recipient on your behalf this is what we will do for you:

1. Mail one signed copy of the book with your requested greeting; e.g.: To [name of recipient], Enjoy the birds ! [signature of author]; PLUS

2.  Include a simple uniquely designed card with one of three bird photos from birds featured in the book, displaying the greeting you have instructed to be inserted on your behalf. e.g. Happy Birthday [name of recipient] etc… etc…  With much love from [name of sender].  You can choose from the cards shown above. Click on each card to enlarge the front view. Each card has a short paragraph about the bird inside; PLUS

3.  The book and card are posted to the address of the recipient you have instructed to receive it; IMPORTANT: To take advantage of this Gift Offer you need to send an email at the time you purchase the book, which needs to include:

  • Your name 

  • Name your choice of Card. Name which card you would like sent: Rainbow Card 1, Fairy-wren Card 2 or Kookaburra Card 3;

  • The name and full address of recipient.

  • The greeting you want written in the book and/or the card.

Click on the following email address to send the above details:

4.  Lastly, you have the assurance that you are giving a gift that will not only be a beautiful and enjoyable learning tool, introducing them to Australia’s beautiful and unique birds, but also prepare and equip the receiver to navigate life by encouraging wise life choices for a satisfying and healthy life. It is truly a gift that will go on giving for years to come.

  • Click on ONLY ONE of the  Buy Now buttons below to make your purchase:


For purchases to be mailed  to AUSTRALIAN residents (within Australia’s states and territories). Click on the button below to pay $33 AUD to purchase ONE (1) Book (this price includes Postage, Packaging and Handling):

Buy Now Button


INTERNATIONAL Residents (NON Australian):

For Purchases to be mailed to all other destinations i.e: INTERNATIONAL destinations outside of AustraliaClick on the button below to pay $48 AUD to purchase ONE (1) Book  (this price includes Postage, Packaging and Handling). Please allow 10 – 14 days for delivery:

Buy Now Button


Even with ever increasing postal charges, buying here online remains the least expensive place to buy your copy compared to most retail shops which sell for $35 and more in Australia.

If you have already purchased the book please leave a brief review or comment in the comments field below.

If you would like to learn more from our birds why not Follow the Author’s Birding Blog and receive a weekly email. You can learn interesting facts about our Australian birds and their interesting behavioural characteristics which will complement your purchase of the book: Click here and submit your email in the [Follow this Blog]  Button at the top of page.

“What Birds Teach Us” is the perfect gift idea for your child, grandchild, nice and nephew and even for the friend of your child who needs encouraging, as they experience difficulty navigating through life. The perfect Birthday, Christmas, Coming of Age, Ba Mitzvah, or Encouragement Gift . 

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