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Category: wild flowers

Australia 8

Mulligan’s Flat Woodland Sanctuary – The Superb Parrot

Recently my wife and I visited our nation’s capital Canberra to visit family and places where my books are sold. One of the activities we did with my wife’s sister and brother-in-law was to visit Mulligan’s Flat Woodland Sanctuary. This wildlife reserve is the only one in Australia that is totally enclosed with very tall electrical fencing to prevent the […]

Australia 22

Backyard Birding – Lock-Down Pleasures

As I sat quietly reflecting in our courtyard, absorbing the warm winter sun, enjoying my hot chocolate and Tim Tams, watching the bees harvest nectar from the Lavender flowers and smiling at the occasional Noisy Miner as it plunges into the birdbaths only a few feet away and shakes its butt as it trustingly watches me, I pondered on what […]