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Category: wetlands

Australia 19

An Amazing Adynaton – The Australian Black Swan

As we move through another week of lock-down I thought to share some interesting facts about our iconic Australian Black Swan which is the emblem of Western Australia (WA), the state it was first seen in by early European Dutch sailors in the 1600s while exploring the mysterious Great South Land as they sailed along the west coast, at the […]

Australia 15

Australia’s North and South Geese

As lock-down continues, and cases from the Delta strain continue to increase in Sydney, my wife and are now in quarantine isolation due a possible contact, and are not permitted to leave our home for two weeks. This means I had to be creative with this post and chose to feature our two unique Australian geese, which I have named […]

Australia 21

Autumn Birthday Birding – Lake Albert

Last weekend my wife and I drove to Wagga Wagga to celebrate her birthday with her siblings who had congregated there, and catch up with extended family. As most of you are aware her sister lives on Lake Albert where we often go birding on our visits, for western birds not common to our area, of which there are few, […]

Australia 12

Waste Water Wonderland – A Waterbird Haven

Last Saturday, two days before the release of my new book Flight of a Fledgling, my wife and went on a short road trip down south to make some early book deliveries to Kiki’s in the Grove on the Federal Highway, Collector, one of my best sellers, and The Argyle Emporium Bookstore in Goulburn. On our return trip we decided […]

Australia 15

A Weekend Away – Anniversary Birding

Last weekend my wife and I spent a few days in the Newcastle area to celebrate our wedding anniversary and have some birding time together, as well as birding time out walking and birding with my eldest son and his boys. One of the places we love to visit when there is the Walka Water Works near Maitland which seldom […]