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Category: National Parks

Australia 14

Freedom at Last – But Too Wet to Bird

Having finally come out of over 3 months lock-down here in Sydney, my wife and I decided to celebrate with a breakfast at our local National Park cafe, which we had missed for so long. Sadly, it was raining, as it had been several days now, but we sat outside under cover in the cool breeze enjoying the moment and […]

Australia 18

Breed’n Seas’n – Nestings-A-Go !

We have finally arrived at our first day of transitioning out of lock-down here in Sydney, where many have already been out since midnight shopping and celebrating after our 106 days of confinement and restrictions, though many still apply, as we are not yet permitted to leave the Sydney region for our planned holiday. Meanwhile the birds have been unaffected […]

Australia 15

Back in the Bush Birding – Oatley Park Reserve

While we continue in lock-down and the 5 km radius rule, we recently realized it also included our favorite local park Oatley Park Reserve. On previous walks here in the past few weeks there was hardly anything worth reporting, however, on our walks last weekend we were surprised to find a hive of activity, as my post will uncover. To […]

Australia 16

Finches by Another Name – The Mannikins

This week as we continue to be prevented from birding, due to extended lock-down, I thought it opportune to feature a unique group of finches called Mannikins, of which Australia has three species. along with the Firetials are known as Old World finches. We have four species of Mannikins: the Chestnut-breasted Mannikin (pictured above) found in far north and north […]

Australia 19

An Amazing Adynaton – The Australian Black Swan

As we move through another week of lock-down I thought to share some interesting facts about our iconic Australian Black Swan which is the emblem of Western Australia (WA), the state it was first seen in by early European Dutch sailors in the 1600s while exploring the mysterious Great South Land as they sailed along the west coast, at the […]

Australia 18

Backyard Birding Blessings – The Crested Pigeon

As we move through our second week of Covid contact isolation (which means no leaving home or making personal contact) and the extended Sydney lock-down, as Delta continues its rapid spread here in many places close to home, my wife and I have been enjoying our time together, as she continues to work from home and I continue writing my […]

Australia 15

Australia’s North and South Geese

As lock-down continues, and cases from the Delta strain continue to increase in Sydney, my wife and are now in quarantine isolation due a possible contact, and are not permitted to leave our home for two weeks. This means I had to be creative with this post and chose to feature our two unique Australian geese, which I have named […]