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Category: Australian Birds

Australian Birds 14

An Unexpected Find – The Powerful Owl

As one week elapses since my recent surgery, we thought it time to take a walk in our local birding park, so we set off and commenced walking on our usual track to the ponds. As we approached our track, there was an eerie silence, which remained as we walked. The usual noisy and rowdy birds were not calling.It was […]

Australian Birds 13

Bird Blessings – Another Autumn Birding Date

Another glorious Autumn day and an opportunity to seize the day and get in another birding date and a long healthy walk among tall trees. We packed our turkey and cranny rolls, filled our Thermoses and set out to our local Royal National Park. This is Australia’s first national park, and the world’s second, originally known as The National Park […]

Australian Birds 11

Anzac Day Picnic with the Birds

Anzac Day is a sacred day to Aussies and Kiwis, as we commemorate those who gave their lives for our freedom during the many wars over the last hundred and more years. My dad was one of them, though he did return home alive, his PTSD destroyed the quality of his life as a husband and father. We are all […]

Australian Birds 9

Australia’s Beautiful & Varied Rosellas

This week we will take an aside from my normal posts to highlight the beautiful and varied plumage of a class of bird in our Parrot family genus: Platycercus, meaning ‘broad or flat tailed’ parrot. These birds are greatly loved for their colour, especially by international visitors. Rosella have a varied diet mainly of seeds (grass), fruit, flowers, berries, buds, […]

Australian Birds 11

Rain Ruined Reserves – The Resilient Ones

The recent torrential rain event devastated the tracks and river banks of our local National Park, as it did other parks and reserves in the area. Deep gouging, flooding and depositing of river sand and forest debris resulted in expensive ruination of these public facilities. The National Parks Visitor Centre where my books are sold was flooded and closed when […]