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Category: Australian Birds

Australian Birds 7

Ibis in Australia – The Three.

We are so thankful for sunny warm autumn days again with clear blue skies, at least for now. However, our birding expeditions have been almost fruitless due to washed out and flooded tracks and the absence of birds, due to the seasonal change and the effect of the rain on bird habitats. On my recent walk in my local nature […]

Australian Birds 15

Puckey’s Estate Nature Reserve, Wollongong.

Last Sunday my wife and I had a birding date in the city of North Wollongong. After a lovely lunch at the popular Diggie’s beach-side cafe we did the Puckey’s Estate Nature Reserve walk past Puckey’s Lagoon. This is a very popular recreation area, well catered for by the local council. Many families were out enjoying the last day of […]

Australian Birds 18

The Search for Nectar – Banksia Banquet

Last weekend my wife and I travelled to Canberra, our nation’s capital, to visit family. While there we took a walk through the National Botanic Gardens, which is another place where my books are sold, in their bookstore. As it was late in the afternoon,, we visited the recently included Banksia Garden area with its own dedicated study buildings. banksia […]

Australian Birds 10

Reviewing Raptors – Kings of the Sky.

As I was experiencing delayed recovery from Covid, I was unable to go birding. As a result, this week’s post highlights my most recent page addition to my website, which some of you may not have yet explored, which is accessed via my Homepage and can be accessed by clicking the image below: Many are unaware of the importance of […]

Australia 17

Backyard Birds – Summer Delights

Backyard birding daily brings us enjoyable encounters, be they from the birdbaths, the TV aerial next door or our Bottlebrush and Frangipani trees, all of which are viewed from our enclosed courtyard, where we often have birds come and visit, even while we entertain guests, which adds an even more enjoyable experience shared. Yesterday I watched as Butch our alpha […]

Australia 9

Lovely Leeton – Fivebough Wetlands

Last Monday, while staying in Wagga Wagga, my wife and I took a day-trip to the Fivebough International Ramsar listed Wetlands near the country town of Leeton, which is known for its delicious stone fruit and Leetona cannery, established by the early Italian immigrants in 1914. It was hot Summers day, and sadly not the best time to visit this […]

Australia 8

Juvenile Birds Out-n-About – Lake Wollumboola

Last Monday I decided it was time to do my annual 2.5 hour drive to the Threatened Species Habitat of Lake Wollumboola, at Culburra Beach down the south coast from Sydney, to see what waders were present, before they prepare to return to the Alaska and Siberia next month. We missed out last year due to Covid restrictions. The recent […]