ISBN: 978-0-646-81347-9

Second Edition: Improved & Enlarged.

Includes: Improved presentation, photos and text; More pages, birds and relevance to school aged children. Including more rare photos to better explain the text.

  • Details: “What Birds Teach Us” ISBN: 978-0-646-81347-9. Published April 2020 through Inscope Books, Sydney, Australia. Listed under: Education and Nature categories.

  • Format: A4 Landscape, Soft Glossy Cover, 80 pages with over 100 coloured photographs of Australian birds. The bright glossy cover incorporates the unique colours of popular birds and has played a major role in people picking up the book. If it is visibly displayed, other book sellers have shared: ‘The book sells itself !’

The Rainbow Lorikeet highlights the value of being a faithful friend or partner.

  • Features: Easy reading text targeting 8 years (Primary School age) and above, with special focus on children and young people, though its simple, colourful and interesting presentation make it enjoyable for all ages.

  • Highlights: The book is unique in that it has a multi-faceted approach. It integrates beautiful bird photography, interesting and unusual facts about the birds with interesting life lessons (life skills) drawn from the bird’s behaviour.

  • Target Sales: Parents and Grandparents looking to buy a special book as a gift for children or for an adult that loves Australian birds.  Proven very popular as the purchaser often return to buy additional copies as gifts for extended family or overseas friends. School teachers and Librarians often buy the book for their school and local libraries.

  • Recommended Retail Price:  $35 AUD (Many shops sell it for slightly more than this). If you sell this book in your store, your shop will be listed on my website as place of purchase. Even though the second edition has 8 more pages it continues to be sold at the same price.

  • Wholesale Purchase:  $22 AUD – for a minimum of 6 books purchased. Almost all booksellers who stock my book purchase it rather than deal by consignment, as they find it sells so well and gets good feedback, with clients often returning to buy more copies as gifts. History has shown that consignment can be messy. If the book is well marketed, consignment can be arranged.  This book is marketed to booksellers directly by the author and includes packing and shipping costs when 12 or more books are ordered where the cost will be $20 AUD/book. Payment is made by direct deposit into author’s bank account in up to 30 days. Details are included on each Tax Invoice.

  •  Signing Visits: The author is available for special signing and public contact in your store on a specified day, to boost book sales and make the book known to your book community. He is available for talks and presentations at schools and organisations as fundraisers also.

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  • Sole Agency: Should you choose to sell this book in your regional town (other than Sydney), you can be assured that your bookstore will be the only bookstore selling this book within that area. The author supports and prefers selling through privately owned booksellers, and his experience has shown them to better represent his book. 

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The Noisy Miner is used to teach children how to deal with the unacceptable behaviour of bullies.

W. A. Hewson (Adv. Dip. Counselling & Family Therapy).

‘To encourage people to make good life choices,

using birds to teach important life skills.’

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