Books on Birds

Section One: Interesting Books : recent bird research on bird behaviour and bird neurology;

Section Two: Reference Books : helpful books for identifying and finding Australian birds.

Section One

Please note that as a Creationist I do not support the assumptions in these books regarding the references to the aspects on attempts to understand the science with an Evolutionary hypothesis (and millions of years) but the true science which has been carried out in the last twenty years referred to in the books is quite interesting for all birders and helps in my mind to confirm what I believe, that birds are very intelligent and that is because each creature was created after its own kind (a parallel universe) rather than a development from lesser to greater forms (serial universe). Also note that material in each of the following books is sometimes repeated and referred to in the other books as these authors share research and sometimes study together.

Where Song Began” by Tim Low:

Australia,s birds and how they changed the world.

“The Genius of Birds” by Jennifer Ackerman:

“The Bird Way” by Jennifer Ackerman:

A new look at how birds talk, work, play, parent and think.

Section Two

These books have been helpful to me as an Australian Birder. The first one listed below, was given to us as a gift by a friend and became the most helpful book for finding birds throughout Australia for our first birding years together and comes highly recommended.

” Best 100 Birdwatching Sites in Australia” by Susan Taylor:

“Finding Australian Birds” by Tim Dolby and Rohan Clarke:

This is a very comprehensive work describing what birds and where they are found throughout the entire continent.

“Field Guide to Australian Birds” by Michael Morcombe:

This was my essential reference for many years but is now superseded by the following guide as many variations to the naming of subspecies and locations have occurred since this was published. It remains a useful reference as photos and descriptions are of high quality and the quick finder reference at the back of the book is ideal. 

“The Australian Bird Guide” by Peter Menkhurst et al

This is the current field guide which most birders reference at present and is up to date with many of the renaming of subspecies (e.g. Purple Swamphen in Australia is now a subspecies named Australasian Swamphen)

“What Birds Teach Us” by William ‘Ashley’ Hewson:

This is my own publication in its larger 2nd Edition available here online and in bookshops throughout Australia listed here. It introduces people to our beautiful Australian birds using beautiful photos and interesting facts about their behaviour which are then used to glean helpful ways to do life better. An ideal gift for a young person to create an interest in our birds and the healthy recreational pursuit of birdwatching.

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