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If you have the Time Check Out Some of the Reviews of the Book

Click on this link to read an independent review from another Australian wildlife blogger.

Click on this link to read a review from an American blogger who has purchased the book from this website.

Check the Comments below for the most recent review of the 2nd Edition, from Takami of Japan.

 You can read further reviews in the Comments section at the foot of this page…

If you have already purchased the book please leave a brief review or comment in the comments field below.

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Assist the Healthy Development of Our Future Generation

If you love this book and believe it is good for our children and have a business or have contact with a bookseller, gift shop or surgery waiting room that does not currently sell my book, why not suggest they look it up or contact the author by email (see below). You could refer them to my bookseller page:

Contribute to our future generations mental, physical, social and emotional health by helping to make this book available. For more information contact:

W. A. Hewson (Adv. Dip. Counselling & Family Therapy).

‘To introduce people to our unique Australian birds,

So we can learn from them how to live a healthy and happy life.’

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