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A beautifully illustrated presentation in which the author draws upon the unique behavioural characteristics of some of Australia’s popular birds and integrates these with important life skills, to encourage us all to do life better. This is a book for all ages, cultures and belief systems and is written to target reading skills of ages 8 years to adult, so anyone can enjoy it. It is also ideal for parents to read and discuss with their younger children. Over 100 colour bird photos, some quite unique and rare captures, set in a 72 page presentation with easy reading text in glossy, soft covered  A4 format. The author has a heart felt passion to educate our youth while they are still young, in making good life choices for an enjoyable, prosperous and satisfying life. It is also a bonus that this book enhances the NSW Primary School  PDH (K-6) syllabus.

Click on this link to read an independent review from another Australian wildlife blogger.

The author and his wife are both avid ‘recreational birders’ This interest integrated with  the author’s family counselling studies, fulfills his desire to encourage and build into the lives of our youth, so that they can make healthy life choices and do life well. Check out this Promo video used to promote this book in various parks and wildlife shops...


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Here is a review from an American blogger who has purchased the book from this website: 

Review by Jen from “Birds, Blooms and all things Beautiful” blog (USA)

You can read further reviews in the Comments section at the foot of this page…

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 Our destiny and what we do hinges on the choices we freely make, many times each day. As young people are growing up they need to build a storehouse of wisdom so they can move forward with courage and conviction to achieve their goals, realize their dreams and enjoy the peaceful satisfaction of a life well lived.

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However, buying here online remains the least expensive place to buy your copy compared to most retail shops which sell for $35 in Australia.


Attention: NSW Primary School Parents and Teachers!

A Great Fundraiser for your School or Group!

The above author holds an Advanced Diploma in Counseling and Family Therapy. His passion in 2020 is to assist in equipping our children and young people to make wise choices for life. Ashley as Aussiebirder, is available for Library Talks and Book Presentations in Schools and Groups. His book enhances the NSW Primary School Syllabus for PDH (K-6) and has had favorable reviews from readers, counselors and educators, especially in regard to the unique nature of the book, which uses our beautiful  Australian birds to teach important life skills. . Ashley enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion, by delivering Powerpoint talks to school groups, P & C groups, church groups, club groups and in seminars. An offering is made of a percentage of each book sale back to the school or organisation. A second book is planned to be published for young adults, later in 2020. To make contact Email: or use the email contact at the foot of this page.

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20 comments on “BirdBook

  1. Ashley, I just got your book in the mail!! I am so excited to be able to really dig into it this week. Just flipping through and reading the table of contents I know it is going to be a gift to myself and family that keeps on giving! Thank you for writing such a unique book. I will be happy to post a review of it on my blog in the next few weeks. God bless you and yours! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jen, I am so glad it arrived, and thanks so much for your encouraging comments. I pray the book will bless your family and also give you some insights into some of our unique Australian birds, which God uses to constantly teach me life lessons. I would be most appreciative for a review, thanks again Jen and richest blessings to you and the family.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Takami,
      So glad you like my book. I hope you are blessed by my book as you learn about some of our extraordinary Australian birds and the life skills they can teach us all. I am just about to start working on my second book. Have a wonderful week!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. We bought your book at the Oatley West School festival last Sunday and think it is the perfect gift for our 9 year old granddaughter as she chooses which traits she wants to live by and can remember them in relationship to birds. I wonder how many of the birds she can find in the Adelaide Hills!


    • Thanks Deanna I do hope the book blesses your granddaughter. Many of the birds are found in the Adelaide area. We love the Adelaide Hills area for birding, especially the Laratinga Wetlands at Mt Barker, this is a great place for a family picnic. I blogged it and gave their council a thumbs up in 2013. There are Superb Fairy-wrens relatives to the Splendids in the book, Rainbow Lorikeets, Rainbow Bee-eaters in the summer months, maybe Kookaburras,New Holland Honeyeater, Barn Owl,both Wedge-tailed and White-bellied Sea Eagles sometimes, Nankeen Kestrel, Silver Gull, and on the coast the Pacific Gull (which is found down in SA), Australian Raven, Southern ‘white-backed’ Magpie (in the book is our Eastern ‘Black-backed’ Magpie), Peaceful Dove, Black-winged Stilt (wetlands), Red-necked Avocet (wetlands), Glossy Ibis (wetlands), Royal Spoonbill (wetlands), Sacred Kingfisher (wetlands), White-faced Heron (wetlands & coast), Pelican (wetlands and coast), Golden Whistler, and of course Willy Wagtail (this is often the first bird we see when we travel to any state in Australia). Hope this is helpful. A good gift to follow the book is a pair of binoculars (even a children’s pair), though good ones will last them for life. We gave daughters grandchildren a pair each before they traveled around Australia last year, it is great to encourage them to be ‘mindful’ of what is around them, which is often missed and not appreciated by many. Binoculars take birdwatching to another level of appreciation. Enjoy your week:-)


  3. I recently received your book “What Birds Teach Us” and just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful book. The photographs are amazing and beautiful. It’s such a clever idea you had to highlight particular traits of each of the birds included and find parallels in our own lives. We can definitely all learn something from these marvellous creatures. This is certainly a book I will treasure and look forward to sharing with the grandkids when they come to visit. Thanks again.


    • Thanks so much Sue for your wonderful review of my book. I am so glad it has blessed you. It is most encouraging to hear comments like this, it is delightfully amazing. Thanks again Sue:-)


    • Thanks Sister Sue for checking out my book promo. We are very close now to printing, just a few more adjustments to be made, I will let everyone know when it is finally in our hands, it certainly has been a process!


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