BirdBook Fundraiser

Help Raise Money for your School, Organisation or Club

with the Beautiful Bird Book “What Birds Teach Us”.

Aussiebirder delivers a short dynamic illustrative interactive presentation of his book, “What Birds Teach Us”, followed by book sales to students for the Special School Price of $25 on the day, of which $5 from each book sold will go to the school to assist in buying essential equipment.

Ashley (Aussiebirder) is available to address your P & C group and school management regarding the benefits and strategy for making this book a useful inclusion to your Primary School.

He is also available to sell his book at fetes and special functions as a special fundraiser. Ashley also delivers a short interesting  library talk about Australian birds and what life lessons we can learn from them.

Ashley cleverly blends his studies in bird behaviour with his studies in family counselling to present a dynamic interactive PowerPoint presentation.

7 Reasons for inviting Ashley to your school:

1. The book is a unique teaching tool for both introducing our young people to our Australian birds and giving them an appreciation of our need for conservation. The beautiful colour photos make is visually attractive for parents to enjoy reading to their younger children.

2. It has easy reading text and is excellent for young readers from the age of 8 years upward;

3. The book uses the bird’s behavioural characteristics to teach valuable life skills relevant  to the Primary aged student;

4. The book complements the PDH (K-6) NSW Primary Schools curriculum;

5. The book can raise $5 from each book sold and assist the school in purchasing needed equipment;

6. The book is an investment in the child’s future development, and will continue to be helpful to them throughout life, as its encouragement and wisdom are timeless. It makes a wonderful practical gift for a child, grandchild or adult;

7. The book has an added dimension in that the author hosts a weekly birding blog on this website: which not only teaches more about our birds and what we can learn from them, but also introduces them to the possibility of Birdwatching as a healthy hobby.

Ashley is flexible and able to work out a program with the school that will work best for the school. One method that has been very successful is that posters advertising the coming of Aussiebirder to the school are posted around the school a week before. Parents are invited to come and notes sent home with children. Ashley appears on the said day, does his short 15-20 minute interactive PowerPoint presentation followed by book sales.

Ashley has a professional WWCC clearance. For more information, book a visit or obtain a book for your school library, please email:

To read more information about the book click here.

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My Mission: To encourage young people to make good life choices, using birds to teach important life skills.

W. A. Hewson (Adv. Dip. Counselling & Family Therapy).

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