Below are images of the canvas prints with folded edges ready to hang, which are entered in the Oatley West Art Show to be held at the Oatley West Public School Community Festival 25th – 27th August 2017.

A Perfect Reflective Moment




45 x 30cm – This Canvas Print with folded edges is of a Crested Tern flying away from its young fledgling to get food. These shorebirds are found on the beaches near the mouth of Georges River and occasionally near Oatley Park Reserve. They are known to dive from great height and plunge into the water to catch their fish. This was a rare unique ‘one off’ moment I caught, where perfect reflective conditions occurred, a remarkable capture and a beautiful decoration for any wall.








30 x 45cm – This Canvas Print with folded edges depicts a very common inhabitant of Oatley Park Reserve, the Rainbow Lorikeet. These birds pair for life, and this couple depict the mutual love and respect they share as they preen each other in the difficult to get at areas of their anatomy. These birds breed in the beautiful angophora costata (Sydney Redgum) trees in Oatley Park Reserve. Similar to the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo they nest in the holes where the branches break off.

Don’t Come Any Closer






30 x 30cm – This Canvas Print with folded edges depicts a beautiful male Superb Fairy-wren in breeding plumage. This serious, almost angry looking guy is typical of what you may find jumping around in the reeds nearby the ponds in Oatley Park Reserve. You will hear their high pitched twitter, but they can difficult to see, as they move so fast, foraging for insects. The look on his face warns not to approach, for his new family are moving about nearby, and he is acting as a decoy to distract me from their attention. This is one of Australia’s most loved birds, which people often know as the blue wren, though he will eclipse to eventually look similar to the brown female when he looses his breeding plumage.

I Have My Eye on You






30 x 45cm -This canvas print with folded edges features a Tawny Frogmouth, a common inhabitant of our own Oatley Park Reserve and a delight to the many who enjoy a walk through the park. However, they are experts at camouflage and can easily go unnoticed. This adult remained motionless as he watched me carefully. The Frogmouth is a unique Australian bird, many mistakenly think is an owl because it hunts at night and has soft feathers like an owl. Frogmouths are not part of the owl family and do not have strong talons, or hooked beak, but kill their food with their mouth and build their nest in a tree like other birds, and not in a tree hole like owls.






40 x 40cm – This Canvas Print with folded edges is of an Eastern Water Dragon sun-baking on one of the large sandstone rocks that line the path to the ponds at Oatley Park Reserve. This is a unique capture, as you seldom get this perspective and lighting. This is my favourite photo, and artists have commented on it as a perfect photo in colour and balance. This guy is often seen with other lizards, skinks and dragons sunning on the rocks. You often hear them scurrying in the leaves or plonking into the water nearby as you approach, or you will see them around the ponds standing motionless in the sun with their head held high..

Reflective Thoughts




40 x 40cm – This Canvas print with folded edges depicts our beautiful Australian Black Swan, a bird that is breeding well throughout Australia and the surrounding islands. This bird is commonly seen at Olympic Park where it also breeds and may one day discover our Oatley Park Reserve. The pensive expression on the swan’s face as it peers at itself in reflection is precious, and I find it full of strength and character. What do you think?


Set of 2 – 20 x 30cm each – This set of two canvas prints depict one of Australia’s smallest birds, which frequents and breeds in our Oatley Park Reserve. Many of us never see the bird because it usually spends the day high in the canopy of the tall eucalypt trees foraging for small insects and leaf lerps, but nests in holes in clay embankments near the ground.Its body shape actually looks like a leaf, and is difficult to spot from below. It has a beautiful colourful pattern of dots on its wings, if you are blessed with the opportunity to actually see it from that perspective. These are rare shots of this tiny bird which can be difficult to photograph in our park.

Tawny Teens



40 x 40cm – This canvas print with folded edges depicts the two juvenile Tawny Frogmouths less then three months old born and raised in our Oatley Park Reserve in 2015. Recent sightings of the current family have confirmed they are still alive and well. These fluffy mottled teens would have dawned their adult camouflage which will make them much more difficult to detect.



If you would like to purchase any of the above, they are available on the Oatley West Public School Community Festival Art Show website. Click on ‘Buy Artwork’ in the menu at top of the page.