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Ashley Hewson known as “Aussiebirder”.

William ‘Ashley’ Hewson resides in Sydney, Australia as a husband, father and grandfather, and has spent most of his life working in medical science laboratories, from which he has recently retired. Ashley’s wife also shares his love of observing and studying bird behaviour as well as  photographing Australia’s beautiful birds.

Ashley has united his birding passion and his photography with his passion for lifestyle and family counselling (Adv. Dip. of  Counselling & Family Therapy) to produce this unique book which  integrates helpful life skills which are learnt from the peculiar characteristics of  popular  Australian birds. Ashley is aware, from his own childhood experiences, of the need to encourage and assist the healthy development of our young people in making wise life choices. He hosts a website and  weekly blog  which also complements his book and shares additional information.

Due to the sell-out success of his first edition of “What Birds Teach Us” he was asked to produce an even better second edition (improved and enlarged) of his book, which continues to be a legacy originally written for his four grandchildren and now for all young people during their formative years. He has also written a second book “Flight of a Fledgling” which is to be published at a later date. 

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W. A. Hewson (Adv. Dip. Counselling & Family Therapy).

‘To introduce people to our unique Australian birds,

‘So we can learn from them how to live a healthy and happy life.’

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