This week we will take an aside from my normal posts to highlight the beautiful and varied plumage of a class of bird in our Parrot family genus: Platycercus, meaning ‘broad or flat tailed’ parrot. These birds are greatly loved for their colour, especially by international visitors. Rosella have a varied diet mainly of seeds (grass), fruit, flowers, berries, buds, insect larvae including lerps. They feed both in trees and on the ground and like most other parrots, pair for life. Starting from the far south of Australia where the Green Rosella in endemic to our island state Tasmania. The female has an orange/red wash on its neck..

The most common Rosella seen is the Crimson Rosella, which has several subspecies within it. Many birds continue to use the old speciation as it better identifies these birds, which are not all crimson in colour at all. The Eastern Crimson Rosella is the true Crimson coloured bird, which attracts the most attention to tourists, and is found in great numbers along the east coast of Australia and Victoria. Thee are the most common found in Sydney area.

Also on the east coast and more inland are the very human shy Eastern Rosella which helps to make it more difficult to photograph, but is probably the most beautiful.

The Yellow Rosella is another subspecies of the Crimson and is found inland over the ranges in south west NSW. Some of you would know in my precious posts we often see it in Wagga Wagga feeding in the river gums around Lake Albert.

The Orange Rosella or Adelaide Rosella is another subspecies of the Crimson found in a small area around the city of Adelaide in South Australia.

Moving right across to south western WA is the Western Rosella which we saw in the Margaret River area being fed by residents.

Moving all the way up the east coast and inland from northern NSW to Queensland we find the Pale-headed Rosella. We were blessed in Bourke to see both male and female land near us and sitting together.

Finally, the Northern Rosella was sighted in The Kimberley region of far northern Australia, where it was feeding from the nectar of the bright flowers of the Silky Grevillea tree.

Here is a one off photo of three Eastern Rosella having aerial conflict, possibly a male contesting a female, as Eastern Rosella, keep a very tight hold on their life long relationship and will always bee found together.

As you can appreciate the Rosella are just one of many beautiful groups of birds of the parrot family found throughout Australia.

Have a wonderful birding week as the changing seasons herald moving bird populations and the birds of the new season take their positions in our forests, plains and coastal regions.

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    • Thanks Donna, yes they are stunning colors, and even more stunning to see them fly in bright sunshine. The Eastern Rosella does have the greatest variety of color and s the favorite of most Aussies, but the most difficult to pin down for a photograph, as they are the probably the most shy of the bunch and the Eastern Crimson the most tame, and will feed seed from your hand, and is often featured for tourists in places for them to do so, along with Aussie King Parrots, Enjoy your week my friend 🙂

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