This week I want to share some great reads highlighting recent research and interesting studies on our Aussie birds. As some of you know I have a Books on Birds page on this website with some of the books I have found helpful. I am currently reading another most interesting book by groundbreaking author Gisela Kaplan, who is Professor at the University of new England. She is one of Australia’s most significant ornithologists, having published 21 books and 250 research articles. She is a world authority on the Australian Magpie, among other Australian birds. She holds 2 PhDs and an honorary DSc. The fascinating book is: Bird MInds.

Gisela shares interesting insights and observations gathered on bird behaviour verifying the intelligence of birds, and further supporting the parallel universe theory (however, not shared by author in her book), as the facts unfold from research to reveal that the so called current theory of evolution needs considerable tweaking, on some important aspects of teaching on birds. Some of the erroneous concepts, not based on science, are even still taught in schools today, and need review. In each case as we move more closely to understanding birds through modern research and technology, we find their story align more accurately with that of the Genesis Creation Story. Birds have been found to use strategies and tools previously not reported, because no documented studies and observations had been performed. Resent research into bird neurology, especially considering that we have the technology to enable better understanding, has given us much greater appreciation of the abilities and caliber that rate birds up there with humans, and even more apt in areas than many of the mammals.

It is interesting to read how areas of bird brains (hippocampus) grow and shrink according to the usage and the lack of, for various functions such as, spacial awareness and learning. Particular species develop the most amazing ability to remember places, faces and even flowers in detail, for example birds caching food for winter or memorizing flowers for nectar. Picture below adapted from Bird Minds.

Bird Minds is a very enlightening read and focuses on Australian birds which are some of the the most prolific songbirds also endowed with being extremely adaptive and clever, which is why we are noticing that many species are becoming more omnivorous in order to adapt to Australia’s erratic, often unseasonable and unpredictable climate. Click this link to find out more about this remarkable publication.

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  1. Hi Ashley, I can also add a plug for Selby’s What its like to be a bird. Makes some interesting additions to the knowledge bank

    i may be getting old, but I’ve reached the conclusion that a lot what is said and written about bird behaviour is by people who’ve never ever sat with Birds.
    Ms Kaplan’s books are always informative because they come from real life practical experience.

    A great example of how clever, say Magpies are is the recent attempt by some researchers to attach tracking devices to a clutch of Magpies. Within hours the devices were expertly removed. I think this link still works.

    Magpies might not be the smartest people on the planet, but at least they do not blow one another up with horrific devices.

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    • Thanks David, I was very interested to hear David Selby speak and explain some about his life and books after Jeffrey mentioned his book. I learnt some interesting finds from his research.I agree Gisela has lived birds and knows them. I am interested to see how she is challenging these people who are holding to old false ideas and will not admit birds are clever, and as clever as humans because they want to maintain their previous error of filling science textbooks with the idea that apes and chimps are the most intelligent after us. She is amazed by their incredulous behaviour, which supports their serial universe theory.
      How clever are these birds to remove tracking devices, and true they are not responsible for destroying our planet. The challenge facing humankind is that every time a destructive device is invented, because of the selfish nature of humankind, there will always be someone who will misuse it. The invention of the rifle is a good example of how the world was plundered by gun wielding powers.

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  2. I’m not Australian. Hello from America. But a wonderful book here is What It’s Like to be a Bird by David Allen Sibley. It’s chock full of insights and just as beautiful with Sibley’s artistic renderings of all the different birds. Enjoyed your post (-from a fellow bird nerd).

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  3. Birds, mammals, mollusks, fish, insects. They all have different grades of intelligence, but of course the humans have the highest degree. G-d provided enough intelligence to all creatures of the Earth. Making the humans leading factor. Thanks, Ashley for the excellent post. 🙂

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  4. The inner workings of these birds are even more impressive than their outward beauty! The intricate details of creation are utterly fascinating. Gisela Kaplan’s book description notes, “She describes complex behaviours such as grieving, deception, problem solving and the use of tools.” Even observing how birds will throw breadcrumbs on water to catch fish!
    Thank you brother for deepening our appreciation with ‘the cleverness of birds’.
    I hope all is well with you and lovely wife, may the Lord continue to inspire your heart and order your steps.

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    • Thanks Lisa Beth, we have had some health issues of late, but the Lord is good and bringing us through these challenges. Thank you for your quote of Gisela’s, I should have included it as it shows how similar we are to our avian friends. Modern secular humanistic society try to elevate humans, yet the deception of sin will always be present to frustrate his most grandiose dreams and accomplishments. We are humbled by how little we really know about ourselves and our Lord’s Creation. Have a wonderful week dear sister.

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  5. That is so interesting. My husband remembers a crow in his town where he was growing up that used to talk. I hear they are very smart, too. I wonder if our backyard birds remember our faces and voices?

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    • Thanks Chrissie, yes the Crows are thought to be the most intelligent of the bird species, along with our Magpies and are capable of many problem solving and linguistic skills, similar to us. Your backyard birds would remember you as they see you on a regular basis. My birds at home who use our birdbaths know us and trust us to a degree. It is easy to tell the regulars from the newbies. Enjoy your week my friend.

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