This week my blog is an educational movie from my YouTube Channel, as I am not blogging for the next month. I hope you enjoy it, and it gives some insight into our bird behaviours. Several of my friends have shared how they have been recently attacked by birds. This is common here in Spring and early Summer as nesting season gets underway. Australia has some of the most aggressive birds in the world and the most dangerous. Many birds suffer stress and even death due to the bully tactics of particular bird species. Much research is being done to try and remedy this problem, as more placid species of Honeyeater and Pardolote are being forcibly removed from their normal habitats by bird bullies.

Many are surprised to know that one of the most feared bullies in the bird world is our beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet, its bite gets results, though the alpha male Magpie reigns supreme among the passerines, even the Lorikeet won’t argue with his beak, being one of the hardest.

Enjoy your week and stay safe. The weather this year has been the worse birding weather ever, here in Sydney with so much rain. It has been the wettest year on record, breaking all records. I am planning another reprint as my books have been selling so well, especially now international tourists are coming back. I have been told by clients and purchasers that my books are some of the best souvenirs one can bring home from a visit to Australia. They are authentic Australian, not made in China as many are, and about Australia. They are available here online, and make great Christmas presents. The price is now $32 for Australian customers due to increased postage rates.

Below is a song which is written with Isaiah 40:28-31 in mind and is the source of my Soaring Therapy for those who are anxious, or become anxious or overwhelmed during the their busy day. I first used it for a lady I worked with many years ago. Every time she would get stressed and I would look at her and spread my arms like a soaring eagle and she would smile and go back to work, because she would be able to click herself back into perspective, God’s peace/faith perspective rather than her own limited anxiety/fear perspective.

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To introduce people to our amazing Australian Birds

To learn from them better ways of living a healthy happy life

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  1. Dear Ashley, yours is the first post I’ve read since my dad died 10 days ago. Your site never fails to uplift and encourage.
    The “reasons for Aussue birds’ aggression” really made me wonder. What do the birds, with their aerial view, think of “reasons for man’s aggression”?
    While the ongoing kindness of family & friends is so appreciated, during my extended stay with mom I need time alone. After reading your post I took a walk to, perhaps, see some neighborhood birds. I came across a nature trail that eluded me before. The woods seemed dark but the trail was sunlit, almost a mile long, so I ventured in.
    I immediately saw a bird I’ve never seen and as I walked on, I heard new songs and calls. Honestly brother, it was like the Lord prepared a little sanctuary for me.
    I’ll surely return there, maybe with binoculars.
    Thank you again for your ministry of refreshing the saints. I pray that you and your wife are well.

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    • Thanks Lisa Beth, we are sorrowed with you dear sister for your loss of this significant person in your life. We pray for the Lord’s comfort and strength at this time and for his peace for both you, Bob and your mom. This nature trail was not only a beautiful relief for you but a message from our Lord of new trail, a new season, new beginnings , that after the grieving and healing will come blessing. I am so glad you were given this beautiful aside to appreciate our Lord’s beauty. He shows us snippets of his love for us personally when we experience these precious moments. I pray that the Lord will encourage and strengthen you as you have done so much for me and others with your beautiful gift. Seeing a lifer on your walk is a sign of new things. May the Lord richly bless you through your time of grieving. Richest blessings dear sister.

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      • Thank you so much, “This nature trail was not only a beautiful relief for you but a message from our Lord of new trail, a new season, new beginnings…” I didn’t think of that but now my heart believes it.
        So grateful for our Lord and your godly counsel.

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  2. Thanks so much for posting this wonderful and informative video, AB. I really enjoyed listening to your narration and the clips of each example were excellent, as always. I, too, was away from blogging over the past two months – I hope your absence is for a happy reason ☺️

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  3. I truly enjoy your blogs and videos, I have not taken many photos of birds since getting back home here. Busy preparing for winter. We are heading south to visit family so I am taking a break from blogging as well. See you when we come back. 😊

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