Backyard birding daily brings us enjoyable encounters, be they from the birdbaths, the TV aerial next door or our Bottlebrush and Frangipani trees, all of which are viewed from our enclosed courtyard, where we often have birds come and visit, even while we entertain guests, which adds an even more enjoyable experience shared. Yesterday I watched as Butch our alpha male Grey Butcherbird came to the birdbath, an experience we often miss, as he is seldom seen bathing only drinking. It was a hot Summer day so he took the dive after having a drink.

The hot day before his offspring appeared at the bath. Now this little guy, Butch Junior, was not quite sure what to do, and was a bit unsure. The Noisy Miner kindly [boldly as Miners are] came and demonstrated how to take a bath. Finally he did, though I did not catch the brief encounter, only it copying its father to the tee, by wiping its beak in the same place on the tree before departure.

Looking up to the TV aerial next door where we usually catch activity daily, being the tallest point on the hill since council removed our eucalypt tree, this male Crested Pigeon is displaying to a female. It appears she is being chased by a couple of males, which are probably the ones I showed you were born in our tree last winter. They are preparing for the next Autumn nesting in a couple of months.

Finally, we had a visit from our daughter with her new dog Coby. The dog was in our courtyard quite unaware, and we were also at first, as to why 12 Noisy Miners flew in being summoned for a mobbing episode, as they saw the dog as an unknown unidentified threat. This is a good example of how the coalition work at guarding their territory. If I had left them to their resources they would eventually have attacked the dog and bitten it, driving it away from their birdbaths, which they were wanting to use.

Have a most enjoyable week and stay safe. Though restrictions are easing, the virus is even more active as people make themselves more vulnerable. We may have a break for a few weeks from posting as we set our on our holiday birding the western birds of our state. It will be hot, and not the best time to go, but we are so desperate to see another lifer, and so in need of a break away, we are going anyway.

One of the unique sales techniques for my first book is the little card that many of my clients place below the book. The QR card takes them to my promo video, which gives them an introduction to my book. They are delighted how it increases sales and interest in the book. You might try it out:

If you have not already checked out my website pages on birding go to my Home Page, there have been recent inclusions. Bird Sanctuary is worth a look if you want to see how you can learn helpful counselling tips from the birds for a happier healthier life, especially dealing with anxiety and stress, but from a Christian perspective. You may find it interesting and helpful, as it is not religious as such, but shows how the teachings of Jesus in the Bible are very relevant to us today. Much of modern counselling was formed from Biblical teaching, and continues to help people today. Forgiveness Therapy, which is now employed by secular counselors, has been a Christian counselling therapy since Jesus first taught it. It doesn’t hurt to take a look.


    • Thanks Lisa Beth, it is always a fresh blessing to receive your comments dear sister, and your appreciation of our Lord’s majestic and glorious creation. I only wished I was able to catch the initial commotion the noisy miner coalition made at first, it was deafening for the first minute or so. So glad Bob and Stary enjoyed the noisy commotion, we hear it at our birdbaths daily, especially when ‘Noisy’ himself comes in, he lets everyone know he has arrived.
      We give thanks daily that we and our family and friends are well, and that my wife has finally retired. She is starting to de stress, but still has loose ends to tie up in the next couple of weeks before we go on our 10th anniversary birding roadtrip out west of our state. It will be hot but since we have had 4 other holiday plans fail due to Covid restrictions, and the borders of our states still uncertain, we are staying in our state. I hope to increase my book market out there as well. We are proof reading my third book in the next few months, this will be my first true spiritual book using the birds, the book I have always wanted to write.
      I hope and pray you are keeping well and safe from the virus, Blessing to you Bob and Stary dear sister 🙂

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      • Thank you so much for adding all this! Excited for your wife as she embarks on a new season in her life.. Looking forward to your upcoming book, will be praying for God’s truths to go forward and make a mark in every heart.
        May He water every seed you’ve planted brother, you will see the increase in His Kingdom.

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    • Thanks Deborah, we have found having two different sizes great as it allows our large and small birds to bathe at the same time and adds more interest to us observing. We find under shade of tree and with plenty of landing spots close by very helpful for the birds also. Enjoy your week also my friend.

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  1. Our backyard is small and has little cover. However the birdbath is a constant source of attraction, and while we don’t get to see the exotics, what we do see is always a learning experience.
    Envy you with the Butcherbird as they are not local, but just occasionally we enjoy a transient.

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    • Thanks David, we do enjoy our birdbaths daily, and I think the placement is the key factor for us, which I have mentioned on my home page section on birdbaths. It is good you have your bath visited, I hope you get more from it in future days. I top mine up sometimes three times as they all deplete it, after the whole neighborhood birds have their go. They seem to come in shifts of species and keep to the same time each day, so as to not cause any problems with the others, though sometimes they do.
      I actually intended to issue this post next week, but somehow it got out, and the preset timer gadget in here did not work for me. Enjoy your week.


    • Thanks BJ, so glad you enjoyed it. I was to release this post next week, but it posted yesterday ahead of time just after my last one.
      However, we love our local wild pets, and we get to know them and their characters. They add a great talking point when we entertain guests in the courtyard, as the birds come to visit up close. That little butcherbird is my favorite bird and its song is such a joy for me to hear each day. Enjoy your week my friend 🙂

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