To finish off this unusual year of pandemic, now closing in its second, entering its third, I share a simple but timely post, asking as many are: Is God trying to get our attention, as he has done many times throughout history ? to turn people back to trusting in him rather than in themselves (science) to deliver, rescue and save.

This week everyone is on high alert in our city, as is also the case now throughout the world, because of this Omicron variant and how rapidly it spreads, threatening Christmas and holiday celebrations, as our borders again reopen. With the easing of restrictions many are more fearful than ever as greater numbers are rapidly becoming and have become infected. Many are weary and their fear and grief have made them faint of heart. ‘I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.’ (Jeremiah 31:25)

However, despite this, I have managed to finally purchase a new camera, and currently learning its ropes (as a freshy on an old sailing clipper), as my faithful 70D finally has passed on having reached its final clicking age, as the shutter gave up the ghost. The Canon EOS R Mirrorless has become the new workhorse and is a refreshing change in technology for me…

Think of the time when the first people walked our earth, a time when all birds and animals lived happily under humankind’s loving and caring authority, where they trusted and felt safe. A time when animals were not called ‘wild’ but all were our ‘pets’ and did not require enclosures to contain them and selfishly possess them. What has changed this ? Where they could refresh themselves naturally, as did this Lewen’s Honeyeater, as we watched.

It was a hot steamy summers day yesterday when it assessed the cool stream water, and then plunged in and out several times, helping to cool and clean its body. Birds have a slightly higher body temperature than us, and so feel the heat more, especially since the only bare skin is on their feet and legs, as the plumage acts as a body heat insulator.

I was pleased I did not have to make many corrections to these photos, even though it was down in a dark part of the stream near the waterfall, which was only currently trickling. We could hear the croaking call of the Dollarbird pair nesting high in a tree as they called to one another and distracted us from their nest.

Dollarbird locating call

The Yellow-faced Honeyeater have now come in for the Summer and are becoming the predominant call in the forest. With Spring flowers having now finished the Banksia blooms remain their main source of nectar, and what ever species of Eucalypt tree is currently flowering. Then there are always insects, and there are plenty of them.

Yellow-faced Honeyeater locating call

The humble Eastern Water Dragon was sunning itself, with head raised as usual, beside the track.

Eastern Water Dragon possibly a young male

Those who follow my blog will be pleased to know the last of the juvenile Australasian Grebe has survived attacks from the Kingfisher and is now out on the water swimming around the centre of the pond alone, but remains very immature, and could not locate its parent anywhere to see it feeding it.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a very enjoyable and blessed Christmas celebration and holiday (remembering those in countries which do not celebrate the Christmas holidays). Thank you for your many comments of encouragement and support throughout this year, I greatly appreciate you all. My wife and I pray for your continued safety, peace and prosperity in life.

The name of Jesus is the Greek rendition of the Hebrew Yeshua which means ‘to deliver, to save or to rescue’ which is what Jesus came to do. God named his Son, and told Joseph to call him Jesus (Yeshua), because he came into the world to do just that for everyone who would willingly receive and believe in him. Of course only those who recognize they need rescuing willingly receive his free offer. By believing and receiving His perfect life, death and resurrection as ours we are saved and reborn into Him. “Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right [power] to become children of God.” (John 1:12). Jesus reaches out today to deliver and rescue those who know they need to be. It was a Christmas night in my late teens that I began my journey to know Jesus, and eventually by faith reached out and grabbed his loving hand he extended to me.

My testimony song.
Behold your King is Come was written for Carols by Candlelight.

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‘To introduce people to our unique Australian birds,

To learn from them how to live a healthy and happy life.’

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  1. Hello Ash,
    We share your concerns as the new variant continues to affect many areas of the world, including ours. We continue to pray for the safety for you and your loved ones.

    We are delighted to hear that you have acquired a new camera and have made some delightful images with it. Seeing the most recent images of the juvenile Australasian Grebe brought a smile to our faces and we pray it will grow safely into adulthood. The Dollarbird is always an exciting view and of course we enjoy seeing your native Kookaburras – they seem so sociable and wise.

    Thank you for your email, which we read with gratitude and look forward to replying soon. In the meantime we wish you, your wife and all your loved ones a blessed, safe and happy Christmas and new year ahead.

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    • Thanks Takami, especially for your prayers and loving concern for us and our family, you are greatly appreciated. Yes the new camera has been a lovely change, and is and its lens much lighter than the previous, which is great for my hand. Kookaburras are always a delight for us, and especially now our newly arrived resident pair have settled in to our local bird zone and calling regularly nearby. The Grebe is seen some days and not others, but appears to be doing well, even though the parent is often not present. Have a wonderful celebration of our Lord.


    • Well, hit the enter by mistake, lol. Congrats on the new camera, Ashley, have fun with it!! Always a learning curve but it gets easier with practice. Love seeing your Kookaburras again! So sorry to hear your again cancelled visit to see your grandchildren. I have no idea what the U.S. is going to do or not do, I’ve quit watching the news. Our tight-knit family are all vaccinated with boosters, including grandkids 10 & 5 yos. The 4 yo is too young for one. We all do all the precautions we can when we are out and about. I know the rise in cases is now beginning to effect our hospitals and nursing homes, the rehab center my Dad is in just had a sixth breakout amongst patients. Dad does not have the booster, he’s been too sick to get one. So far Dad is covid negative (they check him every morning), so I suited and masked up yesterday and went in to see him, I have a feeling they will be stopping visitors altogether. 😦

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      • Thanks Donna, sad that your Dad is caught in that situation, as it is hard for them since they can not escape it. My Auntie, who is our eldest surviving family member is in the same situation. The home is in lock down as a positive was in the home. We have had to post her clothes as we are not allowed in.We will pray for your dad and praying for your family for safety. Our Christmas plans have been shot because two of my wife’s children have been in contact with positive people, and this was the first Christmas at their new home. So we wait, as the whole of Sydney appears to be becoming infected and our new Premier is not doing anything about it, we are all very concerned as our previous measures worked to keep numbers down. Praying you all enjoy a wonderful Christmas together, and thanks for your comments and support my friend 🙂

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  2. How exciting that you got a new camera. You are going to love the newer technology. Amazing how the cameras have changed over the years. I look forward to seeing all the bird photos from this new camera. I hear a lot of good things about the mirrorless cameras.
    I agree with your statement; is He trying to get our attention again? How many more times will it take?
    There is no fear in the walls of faith. 🙂

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    • Thanks Sandra, so true what you said, faith has no fear in it, we will see where this all goes. At the moment all our gold standard results from our lock-downs, have been thrown to the wind as our new state Premier has opened everything up too soon and infections are on the rise dramatically with this more infective variant, . The camera and lens were necessary purchases, as I did not want to waste more money on repairs, it is very different from the previous DSLRs and much lighter, which is great as I have an injury in my left thumb joint due to the excessive weight of the L series lens as I shoot on the fly. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration with your family.


  3. Interesting thoughts as the year drags itself to a close. I tried to go to the complaints department and get a refund on the year, but it was closed due to covid. 🙂

    Every Victorian who heard the news from NSW this morning that there were over 3000 cases shivered.
    We are both fearful of the spread of the virus and of knee-jerk lockdown reactions from the government.

    Scomo is touting “Personal Responsibility” as though it is some special condition, really!
    I thought we’d all been doing that. Anyway enough of my soapbox.

    Dorothy found a Dollarbird in our local area the other day. A very rare visitor and it has caused a bit of excitement. Probably not going to nest but we can hope.
    Our local Willie Wagtail population has grown exponentially. (bit like Covid), Usually the first and second clutches have a high failure rate of weather and predation.
    But this season they have been successful to a high percentage. One enterprising pair we follow is already laying in for their third attempt. Nest is precariously located over a well used bush track. But in typical Wagtail engineering is wrapped around a Y and a protruding branch. No storm is moving them

    The new camera sounds a treat. Those I know that have made the shift are saying it’s a game changer. Technology has come so far in such a short time. Good luck with the learning curve.

    May you end of year celebrations bring joy, peace and good company.
    Hope that the new year brings many things to enjoy and blog about.

    All the best

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    • Thanks David so much for your welcome comments and well wishes they are very much appreciated. It was a plus to see the Dollarbird so far south, which goes to show that the birds are finding the warmth further south due to our climate heating up. They are usually a very predictable bird and will return to the same trees and place each year, similar to the other migratory birds. Your Wagtails are certainly a very virile lot, and like yourself have seen first hand their tenacity and determination.
      We are all very concerned here, as the new boy on the block throws to the wind all caution. Perrottet’s young brother is not helping his cause either, as he is against mandatory vaccination of workers, which makes you even more concerned at where his real ideas are on this. Everyone I speak with, in particular my many medical friends are angry that he is not following health advice and placing us all back at risk again, which is a lesson we should have learnt from overseas at present, which is being ignored. Every time I try to arrange time with my grandchildren, this would have been the fifth attempt next month, it gets canned because of a flare up in Sydney.
      I have enjoyed your posts and the your photographic craft is stunning to say the least, but have enjoyed immensely you sharing your story in a such a unique, candid and interesting narrative. Blessings to both you both from my wife and I, and all the very best for 2022.


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