18 comments on “Backyard Birding Blessings – The Crested Pigeon

    • Thanks Donna, we came out of isolation yesterday back into lock-down so now we can go for a walk for one hour within a 10 km radius. Sadly it is not getting better, and we have an idea why. Enjoy your weekend my friend !

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      • Do you have to wear a mask during that one hour walk? It frightens me that we hear of yours and so many other countries are back in isolation and lock-down when in the U.S. we’re going about our business so freely. Rick and I are still keeping our distance from groups/crowds, and I always have our sanitizer with us. Please stay safe as you can, and we will too. Have a great weekend, my friend, I hope you are blessed with some wonderful sightings while out and about briefly!

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      • Thanks Donna, we have to wear masks in close contact with anyone, in all stores and when meeting people which is currently not allowed. It is recommended to wear them outside, as many do at present, but most important if you pass someone. We take them with us and put them on if we pass anyone unavoidably, otherwise we will pass at a distance. Enjoy your weekend my friend, birding is not really permitted at present, unless you can do it without people suspecting you not exercising, as lingering is now a crime, they want people to stay at home during this time and only leave for essentials, only one person from a household permitted in a store.I may try some in a more secluded area possibly during the week, but sadly people are now walking who never use to just to get out of the house.


  1. While it may not be all exotics and special birds, there is something really wonderful about a few backyard birds that ‘allow’ you to enter their backyard for even a few minutes.
    Cresties are not noted for their intricate nest building ability.
    in the Mallee where I grew up, it was generally 3 or 4 small twigs and some poo to hold it all together and then, ‘everybody hang on’.

    Been watching the unfolding numbers in Sydney with a ever extending sinking feeling in my stomach. We didn’t have the rapidity of the Delta variation, but we made up (if that is a right thing to say), by sheer overwhelmingly large numbers in the beginning.

    I do hope the leadership can get over the name calling and finger pointing and start to work together so that all those who are suffering can have some hope of relief.
    Why petty point scoring is so important when people are losing their livelihoods ,their balance and some their lives is a shame of epic proportion

    Like you we have a small family of Common Miners, they are great ‘watchdogs’ for unwanted, cats, ravens and magpies. They of course are pests, and have established, along with the Common Starlings homes under just about every ill fitting tile on roofs in the area.
    Still, its better than daytime TV.

    Good luck as you progress along the contact isolation, and no doubt you are looking forward to being able to at least get out for a little walk about the neighborhood.

    And to all those selfless ones who are putting themselves on the danger edge each day. What heros and heroines they are.

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    • Thanks David, yes we are privileged to have the pigeons and other birds allow us to be a part of their world. It does hing a lot around the keeping the birdbaths topped and clean, and looking out for the welfare of the family. I hadn’t seen the male Maggie lately and he turned up while we were having lunch in the courtyard. At first he wan’t sure but after some thought proceeded bathing only a few feet from us, in the past he would sometimes splash us in the process. We had our last jab and our first excursion out the gate for 2 weeks, and hope to take our permitted 1 hour walk within the 10 km radius today, as the wind and cold from will hit tomorrow, which I presume you already know about there. My wife is not feeling good about going back to work tomorrow, back in the front line, but thankfully they are being more vigilant at the door to check people. We can only pray people will start to realize, but despite the many infections anti-vaxers is going to protest today, and now Alan Jones is bagging out Gladys trying to find fault. Like you I take my hat off to the selfless suffering front liners medical, police grocery workers etc who are bravely out there, we spoke with some of them yesterday, and the are suffering exhaustion and stress from long hours and difficult angry people. Enjoy your weekend my friend 🙂


  2. Hello Ash,
    The crested pigeon is such a lovely bird and I am glad you and your wife have the trust of both the parent and juveniles.

    I am sorry that the COVID situation is not improving, even with a strong leadership. Unfortunately, the situation here is also on a downward spiral and we are all concerned that it will worsen during/after the Olympics.

    You and all your family (and grandchildren) are in our daily thoughts and prayers. I am sorry for my silence, it has been a manic time. I look forward to writing in more detail soon, and catching up on your bird blog.

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    • Thanks Takami, it is good to hear from you again, it must be a very difficult time for you both. We had our second jab this morning and have just come out of isolation, thankfully without Covid. We are amazed that Japan is pressing ahead with the games at such a time as this. It must be scary there as it is here for many, as so many refuse to obey the health orders. We also continue in prayer for you both and for better days. Blessings my friend 🙂

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  3. How wonderful to watch these chicks and their parents raise them. It’s wonderful that they’re learning to trust you. You may have generations of them nesting there. Wouldn’t that be cool!

    I’m keeping you and your country in my thoughts and prayers, and hope that your lockdown ends soon!

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    • Thanks Deborah, I appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers greatly. Yes this is the second generation that we know of in this tree, producing 2 live babies each year, hopefully it will continue. The parents waited for me to fill the birdbath this morning and then immediately started doing the water relay to the youngsters. A possum once nested in the same tree and a Butcherbird many years ago and the possum still returns some nights in summer to eat the flowers. We come out of isolation tomorrow, but remain in lock-down which looks like extending as things get worse. We get our second jab tomorrow as well as navigate shopping when things are very risky.

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  4. “Now we can watch and see which Avian Wonders the Lord sends your way.” I agree with Lee, the Lord draws His creation and often does so to bless His people- like you!
    Love the Crested Pidgeon at your door! We’ve had ordinary pidgeons come to our apt door, 5th floor, thru stairway window, esp in winter. They like our doormat, prob bc we give breadcrumbs!
    But something better happened yesterday. Coming out of the basement laundry room, through the trash/recycling area, a tiny sparrow scurried by, poor thing had a broken wing.
    Wasn’t sure what to do, but while lugging my laundry I kept thinking of that song, “His eye is on the sparrow” and watching me too!
    SO, I returned with a paper shopping bag and, after a big chase around heaps of trash, I successfully got him!
    This, of course, is nothing like your days! I don’t think I’ve ever held a bird in my hand. Precious to me.
    Jumped in a cab to the Bird Sanctuary and, hopefully he’ll be on the mend!
    Thanks brother Ashley, for all your fine posts and godly inspiration!

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    • Thanks Lisa Beth, what a lovely story you shared, it touched my heart, you reached out to the tiny bird in its hour of need, you are such a blessing dear sister in so many ways. You always inspire and encourage me with your warm comments, I so appreciate it, especially at this time when I have not left home for 2 weeks, and so missing my walks in the forests. Richest blessings to you, hubby and Starry Night 🙂

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  5. Lovely story about your resident family crested pigeons and how wonderful to see the littlies grow up! The parents have done well to raise them this far, I know they are not the best nest builders and remember as a child regularly finding broken eggs on the ground because of the flimsy nest they made in the tree in our yard. I wish you all the best coming through the latest covid restrictions unscathed, I feel very fortunate to be in my little covid free bubble on the Apple Isle. Let’s hope people wake up to themselves soon and start obeying the health directives for everyone’s benefit.

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    • THanks Sue, yes we would all prefer to be in Tassie at the moment, though my wife says the only thig stopping us living there is she hates the cold. I love it. We often joke about how opposite we are in our preferences, but its all fun and makes life interesting as well as challenging at times. We found one broken egg at the foot of the nest several weeks ago and thought the worse, but we have 2 new babies so we are very thankful they survived the Currawong and Raven attacks. Both birds appear to have ceased their coming now as I have chased them off, as have the Miners too many times and the youngsters are growing rapidly and fully fledged. Yes it it is hard to believe there are still people believing the virus is a hoax and they have a right to infect everyone because they do not want to obey health directives, but that is the reality of fallen human nature, the rebels heart. Enjoy your week, and hope you have some warm sunny days amid the cold spells my friend 🙂

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  6. Glad to see that in spite of being restricted, the Lord is bringing you also backyard blessings. Now we can watch and see which Avian Wonders the Lord sends your way.

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    • Thanks Lee, yes our gracious Father is looking after us and bringing the birds to us as he did for Adam. Another gale force windy day here and the pigeons are hanging on again, it looks like they may have taken their first excursion this morning. We will be allowed to leave our home to get our last jab on Friday, and maybe shop. 🙂

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