15 comments on “Australia’s North and South Geese

  1. Hi Ashley, great photos and videos of the geese. I have recently seen a couple of magpie geese here in Tassie, hanging out with the ducks at lakes. Not sure if they are just stopping by for awhile or decided to call Tasmania home. 🙂 Sorry to hear that the covid situation has worsened up there. I hope you remain safe and well through these times.

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    • Thanks Sue, yes the Magpie Geese were up and down the continent many years ago and do tend to come down south during winter returning to the north to breed in summer. However many are starting to breed further south in southern Que and mid to north NSW. The good thing about isolation is that you are kept away from those who ar spreading the virus around. Have a wonderful week and keep warm.

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    • Thanks Deborah, yes they are very unique geese. Thanks also for your kind comment, we are so far doing well and glad in a way we are not out in the community as the virus is spreading like wild fire again. We are working from home and I am using the time to write my 3rd book. Enjoy your weekend my friend 🙂


  2. I was pleased to see the Cape Barren Goose when we visited Australia two years ago – found a few pottering about when we went to experience the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island.


    • Thanks Don, Glad you got to see them while you were here, they are often missed by visiting birders due to their southern habitats and quite unique. Thank for your comment, and enjoy your week.


    • Thanks Sandra, yes these ones are quite unique in their own way. The Canada Goose is now spread to Europe and we are concerned they do not end up here in Australia, as they are aggressive and out breed other species. We are already concerned about the effect of the Mallards breeding here.


  3. Hi Ashley, wondered how you were faring. Hard not to get swept up in the drama of the surrounds. Trust that you are able to turn your hand to things while in lockdown. i know in our 4 months i completely went through my photo database and it was slimmed down by nearly 65% Something I’d not have bothered to worry about normally. Surprising how much detritus i’d let build up over the years. I guess we take a photo of a bird. It is our best one. Then we have the chance for another. So much better, then we find an even better one. etc. But I never go back to remove the first ‘great’ ones.

    Cape Barrens are quite common in our area, they roost and nest in quite a number of spots. i’ve been put up by the male on a few occassions when he thinks i’m between him and his lady, or young.
    Another surprise I’ve found with them, is their head-nodding, and on occasions with small flocks i’ve been able to get some interaction with them by doing a little headbobbing and keeping my eyes diverted. Not sure if it was just luck or real connection.

    good luck over the next couple of weeks. we’ll look forward to seeing your posts and to hear of your release into a safer time.

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    • Thanks David, thankfully writing my 3rd book has kept me busy and destroying heaps of old data discs, which will soon be obsolete, thankfully we have better ways of storage these days. The weather is cold and wet again so that also helps to stay inside. We have another week yet where we can not leave our home and my wife has to have another negative test. We hope to get our second jab soon. Yes you had a productive lock down. Interesting about the head nodding Cape Barrens. I looked it up and it can be a desire to mate indicator 🙂 or a perceived threat. Maybe like the Cockie combs raised, there are several reasons depending on accompanying behaviour. Geese are known for their aggressive side, and how many people prefer them to watch dogs. Online shopping has become the thing these weeks, which is something I never got into. Enjoy your week and stay warm and safe my friend 🙂


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