15 comments on “When Only a Few Will Do – Winter Birds in Low Numbers

  1. Loved your video of the currawong, a rare sight indeed! I agree with them being opportunistic birds as I remember when I was at Ronny Creek at Cradle Mountain, I had left my backpack on a picnic table with the top flap open and I walked away to get some photos, but shortly after I heard a noise and turned around to see a currawong had tipped over my backpack and was sticking its head inside looking what I had to offer! Good luck with the covid outbreaks up there, I hope things settle down quickly so your grandsons can visit.

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    • Thanks Sue, yes those Currawongs are very sneaky critters. I remember posting about one stealing my biscuits when having morning tea in the national park years ago, it had a lot of trouble breaking it up, but was very determined. Sadly things are going from bad to worse here with this new strain that infects children also, and many have now been infected, it is just a matter of time now till lock-down again. We are meant to to visit Canberra this weekend, and it may be canned as well. Stay warm and safe there, at least you don’t have the problems from this poorly managed so called quarantine isolation for returning overseas people.

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    • Thanks Deborah, yes the Fairy-wrens are favorite for us also, we always love to see them hopping around and their high pitched sound. They are always moving fast and live a much faster life than us as their little brains process everything half the speed of ours. It is always a challenge with the Gerygone they move around even more than he Fairy-wren and keep well hidden most of the time. 🙂

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  2. Lovely post as always!! I loved the videos but my favorite pic was of course the very last one, precious, and yes a wonderful glimpse of how our gracious father takes care of us. I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on judging others, I think we have all experienced the ramifications of that one!
    Lastly, I am happy to say I may have my issues w WP solved at least partly, I am now getting notifications of new posts sent to my new email, which seemed to be the start of all my blogging issues… we shall see. God bless you and yours, and I pray you’re soon able to enjoy all of your family again!

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    • Thanks Jen, it is always a joy to read your comments dear friend, we have missed you. I did not realize it was a WP problem, I know myself there are many issues with them, I currently have one they can not solve. I do hope things work better for you as it is so frustrating trying to get help on here. I pray you and the family stay well and enjoy your Summer. May the Lord keep you and the family in his care. You might want to check out my recent book release, it might be helpful for your boys as it is geared at their age group. Yes we are praying the grandies will be able to come next week, though at present this recent outbreak is becoming more alarming as cases continue to increase again daily after a long spell of none. We just keep looking to the Lord 🙂

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  3. Good to see you out and about. It is a most intereting time of the season isn’t it. Not quite nesting, but lots of preparation going on. I think out pair of street Magpies have selected the likely nesting tree. Have not previously seem them roosting there but there is now plenty of evidence on the ground.

    We are hoping for some reasonable weather but keep getting the cutting edge of winter at the moment. The few good days make it worthwhile waiting.
    Keep takin’ photos. We do

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    • Thanks David, things are getting bad quickly here at present with this most recent outbreak, it has the city in turmoil and great concern as it is spreading fast and seems to spread much easily now with this new strain.It looks like our travelling plans and visiting grandies in the next few weeks will be canned once again, it always seems to happen around school holidays. This may be he 4th try in 2 years. I can understand why people are leaving Sydney to live in the country areas. Yes you have been really copping the cold down there and there is more on the way. We have had some blasts here also, the wind the other night was ferocious and blew a complete panel of our fence out. The birds must have really be hanging on that night. Enjoy the sunshine when you see it and stay warm my friend 🙂


    • Thanks Lisa, so glad you could drop bye and take a peek, I love watching my local wild pets drinking and washing at their regular times each day. I sometimes have to refill the baths several times in a day as the large birds like to splash a lot as you witnessed.

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      • Oh that would be so great to see! We have a bird bath in our back yard we rigged with a dripper. Birds are there all day long drinking (it is super dry here right now), but we rarely see them splashing 🙁

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