15 comments on “Honeyeater Haven – Australian Botanic Gardens, Mt Annan

  1. Well done Ashley, a fine walk in the forest. The swifties just don’t perform to the script do they,.

    The Whistler looks so well dressed in the rich orange colours.
    The Bell Miners are very territorial, and have ruined several stands of gum in areas around here.

    Hope for good weather for awhile.

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    • Thanks David, yes everyone is on the lookout for the Swifties here at the moment, and the Government is trying to get in on the action to pretend they are interested in helping while they allow the daily devastation of their winter habitat forests, especially our state gov, they are notorious for it.

      The Swifties can turn up anywhere where winter blossom is found and plenty of lerps. Enjoy the lovely Autumn weather while it lasts and the weekend.


  2. Lovely photos Ashley. How curious to see that duck all on its own, probably hoping for a free handout lol. That board game looks good, might have to check it out as it could be some fun during the cold winter days coming up. 🙂

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    • Thanks Sue, yes it was unusual for a black duck, though being outside of breeding season it could be single and late teenage and not yet found a partner. We are still looking to get the Aussie pack for the board game, though we are learning more about American birds. It has a maximum of 4 players but I am not sure if you can get an expander.

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  3. Hello Ash,
    I am glad you were blessed with some more wonderful bird viewings, even if the Swift Parrot was not present, these were some very exciting birds. Reading of the plight of the eucalypt trees and how vulnerable the fine balance of nature and the ecosystem is a solemn reminder on how “balance” is so important, and so difficult to keep especially during our modern times. I also loved the natural subtle colors of the quiet Whistler.

    The bird board game looks great. It must be real fun to sit together as a family and enjoy interaction that is not dependent on a monitor screen. I fondly recall some of my childhood playing board games, although we did not have bird-themed ones back then 🙂

    We hope your week has been blessed and wish you and all your loved ones a safe and happy weekend.

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    • Thanks Takami, so glad you enjoyed the birds we saw. We get several species not found in the coastal forests on the western fringe of Sydney. It was the colour of the Olive Whistler that alerted me to the subtle difference to the female Rufous Whistler. It is lovely when one each of our grown up children who visit, join in the board game together. May you both also enjoy a restful weekend and opportunity to get out and enjoy your Spring. 🙂

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    • Thanks HJ, we never know what extra birds we will see, as we know particular species will always be there such as the Bell Miner and Bowerbird, but these Honeyeaters are seasonal and add a delight as they rapidly zoom about the blossom and lerps.

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  4. Thank you brother for another lovely birding experience. I always learn something new, even if I need an internet search. Seems like God made ‘lerps’ a tasty treat for birds!
    So much to discover, thank you Ashley for sharing your findings. And I do so appreciate the scriptures, those are ‘tasty treats’ for my soul.

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    • Thanks Lisa Beth, yes lerps is the candy shop for birds, but it is free as Jesus said, being our greatest birdwatcher, our Heavenly Father provides it for them free of charge, they just have to seek it out. Mat 6:26. Itis their only source of energy when the blossom is scarce as it is now. Enjoy your weekend dear sister !

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