6 comments on “The Swifties Have Arrived – Australian Botanic Gardens

    • Thanks Deborah, yes they look similar to the Waxwing and do also eat small berries, though they use their straw-like tongue to draw nectar much like your Hummingbirds. Thank you and you enjoy the remainder of your week also, it is quite wintry today with rain and wind as the season changes for us.

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  1. Beaut to know that you’ve been able to get some good sightings, and it seems with a large flock of birds. They are as you say very hard to work with among the leaves and branches.

    Looks like a fine range of other bush birds were happy to have you on their patch.

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    • Thanks David, we are hoping that in the next few weeks we might have another try at sighting these little Swifties as they are a feature of the year for many birders here in the Sydney and greater Sydney area, in fact the locals go out daily checking for signs of them. They are always a challenge to get decent photos of. The best opportunities are always just before sunset on the west side of the tree canopies as the sun shines directly in on them. in 19 the flock had a habit of landing on a dead tree just before sunset, but they have not done this yet, so we are hoping they will again this year as we approach June. Enjoy the week and hope it is not too wet for you as it is here like full blown winter weather. Oh, and Covid has struck in Sydney again and no one knows where it has come from, scary stuff.


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