13 comments on “Autumn Bird Blessings – The Royal Spoonbills Return

  1. A great outing with some good sightings. I have seen a small flock of royal spoonbills at the local Wetlands, they aren’t always easy to spot, but when it’s low tide it’s fascinating to watch them feed. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

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    • Thanks Deborah, yes we are blessed that the Spoonies visit our local reserve wetlands each year, they do make an exciting change at a time when bird numbers are low. All the best for the weekend 🙂

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  2. Hello Ash,
    I am slowly starting to catch up on my favorite blogs, and it’s a real pleasure to start by viewing your beautiful local birds. You and your wife were indeed blessed with some wonderful views, despite the changing seasons! We completely agree with you – people are abnormally “absorbed” into their mobile devices and there is a lack of spatial awareness. On a “natural” level – this is also very dangerous, as it leaves the individual completely exposed! My husband and I noticed this phenomenon started many years ago (at least in my country). The addiction and unnatural stimulus, and unhealthy lifestyle resulting from it, is an unfortunate global phenomenon… I am sad that you are noticing this in your country too…

    I look forward to catching up on all your lovely posts over the next few days, and will send a detailed update soon. All our best to you and Mrs H – you’re in our daily thoughts and prayers as always.

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    • Thanks Takami, for your appreciative comments you are always welcome. It is amazing how many people are controlled by their phones and the need to access data and news and be contactable. On the train coming home from the city today I noticed that almost every person under 40 had attachments in or over their ears, and their heads were bowed over and eyes absorbed into their small hand held devices. I couldn’t form a conversation with anyone like I use to years ago, because they are all in their own closed worlds. I do hope and pray your health is improving. Keep rested my friend, we pray you are getting enough sleep and rest in between your busy workload. You both also are in our prayers and thoughts. Enjoy your weekend and have some outside time together.

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    • Thanks Mim, yes it is good to have a bird you do not have to pursue with great vigilance, and they are beautiful to see on the river flats at low tide sweeping the waters. It is quite comical when a flock are sweeping close to each other and they run into each other. They are even more comical when they deck their breeding plumage and get their fancy head dress. Enjoy your week, we will have to get down your way one day it is a little more south of Huskisson where my wife’s niece lives. 🙂


  3. Thank you brother for another fine post, I don’t recall seeing a Spoonbill before. I particularly appreciate your narratives. After pointing out the unchanging instinctive qualities of birds it is sad to see the growing self centeredness of man.
    By the way, I always appreciate the Kookaburra! For years as a child I sang about it (sorry, I have to share it) “Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he, laugh Kookaburra, laugh Kookaburra, how gay your life must be!”
    I never knew a Kookaburra was a bird!
    Thank you Ashley for blessing my NY morning with a view of Australia.

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    • Thanks dear Lisa Beth, I am always delighted by your appreciative comments. It is remarkable that the teacher never told you or showed you a picture of a Kookaburra and you said the poem which all Aussie school kid learn. They are a favorite of everyone and it is very rare for me not to see or hear them each time I go out for a walk. They are very docile and human friendly, and will sit on a fence or balcony rail right next to you without fear looking for food, especially if you are gardening, they will dive down in an instant and with their extremely keen eyesight snatch up a worm or insect and fly back to the fence. Enjoy your week and stay safe dear sister 🙂

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