8 comments on “Fast and Furious Feeders – “Godwits Are A Go !”

  1. What a real joy to see such beautiful waders! We are eagerly waiting them to stop by Japan during their travels. Unfortunately, migratory bird sightings have drastically diminished since last year. Could this be a sign of the times…? Spring officially started a few weeks ago, so we pray we’ll get a glimpse of these amazing birds this year.

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    • Thanks David, so true, the Godwits like other waders go quite unnoticed by most people on the beaches, and it is amazing how amazed the locals are when they find out the exploits of these birds. Making people aware of their natural heritage seems to be the latest pastime of my wife and I. Enjoy your week.


  2. Thanks for the reminder of the incredible journey these birds undertake. It is worrisome what will happen to them when their usual stopover places are no longer available for them due to humans destroying or changing their habitats, I hope they can find somewhere close by and pass that on to the next generation. And lovely photos of a favourite bird of mine! 🙂

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    • Thanks Sue, yes it is so very sad for the future of these birds as the Asian countries pursue wealth at the expense of wild life, which has been a custom of most countries world wide for many years, including the early settlers here in Oz. The problem is that these stops are hard wired into these birds after generations of landing there, and having calculated the exact distances they can fly before needing to feed. Yes it would be good if these birds can work out a better route and circumvent the Asian coast. They either die from lack of food or get killed by Asian fowlers as they feed to be sold in the markets for meat, what future have they got as our conservationists have little influence in these countries which practice little conservation. If there is money to be made from it or it can be eaten they will. Enjoy your week and keep warm 🙂

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  3. Oh my, they travel such a long way around don’t they! Your images are wonderful as are the videos.

    I love watching the shorebirds eat. They remind me of a sewing machine needle going full blast. 😀

    I hope you have a lovely week as well!

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    • Thanks so much Deborah, yes they are an amazing bird, which often goes unnoticed by people on the beach. People only seem to take interest in them when they wonder why I am photographing them and then they get very interested. Yes a sewing-machine needle is a great analogy also. They sometimes move their head so fast they blur the photo. Enjoy your week my friend and hope Spring is soon sprung for you 🙂

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