15 comments on “A Weekend Away – Anniversary Birding

  1. Once again, Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs. H! 🙂 🙂
    We rejoice that your special weekend was blessed in so many ways. Seeing the Great Crested Grebes with their young ones is a real treat, and the Whistling Kite protectively flying over their young one reminds us how we too, are also protected in our daily lives – even when we may not realize it. I too, cannot pick a “favorite” and simply want to say: Blessings!!

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    • Thanks Takami, yes the Grebes are always a special treat when visiting this place. Thanks for sharing your insight into the protection we share from our Father. Enjoy your week my friend. 🙂


  2. It was so lovely to see the video and photos of the grebe family, I’ve never seen young ones, they are little cuties. And your photos of the wedgies are fantastic! That must have been quite something seeing a few of them reasonably close by. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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  3. What a delightful day out and a neat way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

    I loved the juvenile grebe grooming with its foot. It looked like an oar paddling and made me giggle.

    Those red-browed finches!! They’re gorgeous and what a treat to see the mating ritual and see it succeed with a mating.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us. I enjoyed the desk-chair tour.

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    • Thanks Deborah, it was delightful to have so many treats on the day, the variety was enjoyable. As in many cases you just have to be at the right place at the right time and then hope your camera lens settings are in the right place to catch the special moment. I have missed so many moments by just one or two seconds of realising I have to adjust settings. One of the reasons my photos suffer at times from blur or lighting problems is because I shoot on the fly and do not use a tripod or monopod as many do for my lens size, but the spin off is I catch the special moments many miss. As my prime study is with bird behaviour rather than pure bird photography, this works for me. Enjoy your weekend my friend 🙂

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  4. a great way to spend an happy anniversary.
    The Great Crested Grebes are particularly enjoyable. We have had the privilege this year of a pair nest for the first time, so good as they have tried again for a second clutch.

    Made me laugh to see the Red-browed Twirling Expert. Amazing how such a tiny bird has such an elaborate routine.

    And the magpies of course never cease to impress with their mulit-calls.
    glad you had a great time together.

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    • Thanks David, yes it was a very delightful day out walking and introducing my son and his boys to birds in morning and out birding together in afternoon. We were thankful the Grebes were back and breeding, though general bird numbers were lower as they are here in our forests this summer, which is very disconcerting, but for the unseasonable unexpected appearance of the Rufous Fantail for some months, sort of makes up for it. Yes the Red-browed was an unexpected feature and to have him do it right before our eyes in good light was a plus. Though when he started jigging he blurred the picture a bit. I always know when the Magies and Butcherbird are about to have a drink or bathe they always announce it for me often before and after, which sends me reaching for my inside movie camera. It is very special when male and female chorus together. I love how he has to stand beside her to make the chorus. Their dual syrinx is so melodious, as they co ordinate their notes. Scientists continue to study their complex song. Enjoy your weekend 🙂


  5. Happy Anniversary to you both! What a fabulous anniversary/birding date, the bounty of birds you captured is awesome. I cannot pick a favorite, I like too many!! And I love that the Great Crested Grebe family was there again for you to see and enjoy, what a treat for you both!

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    • Thanks Donna, it was a wonderful weekend for us both, and felt very blessed. Thanks for your warm greetings, my wife always reminds me that: ‘Like the wine at the Cana wedding, He kept the best till last’ Have a wonderful week my friend:-)

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  6. Thank you for such beautiful pics and especially the video clips, I enjoyed them very much. In fact, I think I understand what those Magpies are saying, “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And many more!” 🙂
    May the Lord strengthen you both and fill your hearts with inner joy.

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    • Thanks so much Lisa Beth, and for your Anniversary greeting and blessings, you are a gem in our King’s crown dear sister. Have a most enjoyable week and stay safe. 🙂


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