21 comments on “When a Few will Do – A Mid-Week Birding Date

  1. Wonderful shots, Ashley! I always enjoy seeing your Red-browed Finch, nice shots. Magnificent shots of the Baza too! How cute the Short-nosed Echidna is, and a very interesting creature. I know you said it was not a porcupine, but does it shoot their spikes for protection?

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    • Thanks Donna, thanks again for your encouraging comments. The answer to the spikes question is no, the Echidna’s spikes remain spiked and do not retract, it lives with the constant protection, always active. Enjoy your weel my friend 🙂

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  2. I’ve been dying for some forest birding after being stuck in Saudi the past year. Hope one day to make it down your way. The birdlife looks incredible!

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  3. Hello Ash,
    What a wonderful (and peaceful) birding date this must have been. I could not help but smile at the varied expressions of the Red-browed Finch – such character! I personally feel that the female Fairy Wren has a refined subtle beauty, and I am glad here less-showy characteristics help keep her safe from harm. Seeing not only birds but the other remarkable wildlife (and gaining more insight into their behaviors) is a real treat as well.

    May you, Mrs H and all your family have a blessed weekend ahead!

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    • Thanks Takami for your warm appreciative comments, they are always appreciated. Yes the female Fairy-wren is often left out and seldom gets a look in because she is not as colourful as the male, so it is good to let her shine occasionally on her own. The finches are always a delight if they stay still enough to photograph. I love how the birds display character like we do, it adds a beautiful dimension to our enjoyment of our avian friends, it reminds us that they have feeling and expression also. Have a wonderful weekend my friend 🙂

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  4. Lovely photos as always Ashley, and I love the video and pics of the echidna. They are such a fascinating creature, I could watch them for hours. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  5. Looks to have been a fine day out indeed. The Rufous would be such a bonus for me. We might luck out a couple of weeks a year as they rush through to/from Tasmania, but its more good luck than any thing.

    The little Magpie is a strange tale. What I have noted this year, and only because I’ve been a tad more observant, is how many birds seem to like to sit ‘tummy down’ on the ground. Not hazing in the sun, but simply pressing their tummies on the ground. No doubt you’ve seen dogs do a similar thing as they scrape along the ground all fours spread out.
    No idea if its the same for birds,

    So quick we are to answer sometimes without even understanding what is required.

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    • Thanks David, yes it is so out of season to see Rufous, as like yourself we only see them for a few weeks during winter normally as they are passing north but to see them here for several weeks in Summer and several families is most unusual. The tummy ground thing with birds is very interesting, as you shared and as I have shared in previous blog, there are several purported reasons for them doing it. It is more of significant purpose if their wings are outstretched in the sunshine. Maybe like dogs it just makes them feel good on the warm ground though for dogs they mainly scoot to attempt to clear their blocked anal sex glands. When all is said your words of great wisdom ring true, yes we are only postulating, and like us humans, birds can be just doing it because it makes them feel good.


  6. Beautiful post! Thank you for such a diverse display, including the Echadna, what a peculiar animal! I love the Rufous Fantail, such design and color, would outdo any fashionista.
    Yes brother Ashley, we’re having a cold winter up north! Lots of snow here in MA where I happen to be. Lots of birds around the snow and our feeders… besides the cardinals and blue Jays, I am determined to identify the others to share with you!
    Thank you again for this beautiful post, may the Lord surprise you and inspire you as you and your wife walk with Him.

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    • Thanks Lisa Beth, I am always encouraged by your appreciative comments which give glory and honor to our Lord. It great that you are able to help out your birds up there when it is cold. We have heard how difficult the weather is for you all there, I do love your Blue Jays, and would not mind one flying off course to Sydney just to see one. Blessings of safety and enjoyable discoveries for you both also as you enjoy the rest of the week and weekend dear sister. 🙂

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