14 comments on “The Long Aussie Day Weekend – The Australasian Figbird

  1. Hello Ash,
    I am very glad to you hear that you and Mrs H could spend a meaningful weekend with your daughter and grandchildren, and that you could even restock your beautiful bird book at the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre. Learning about “your pet eagle” was very heartwarming, and we are glad you were blessed with views of the Australasian Figbirds. The quotes from Henry Ford, Helen Keller, and of course the scriptures are also encouraging and remind us that genuine, hard work can and will reap the harvest at the right time.

    Wishing you and all your dear ones a safe and blessed week ahead.

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    • Thanks Takami, yes it was a lovely weekend catching up with family and dear friends up north. Glad you enjoyed seeing our Figbirds, they do get quite high on figs. Yes we do get blessed when we surround ourselves with wise and caring people on the same page who share our passion. Yes the need for community in all aspects of life is so vital to our success and growth. Enjoy your weekend my friend:-)

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  2. A wonderful day out indeed Ashley, and great to be able to share it with family. Getting harder at present to enjoy our kids/grandkids. The precious moments are always appreciated.
    The White-bellied Sea-eagle shots really let us get into its world.
    We don’t see them against the rugged rocks and pounding waves, so it’s super to see them working those air currents over the sea.
    We are in the middle of a rain event presently, but really enjoying the richness of the rain, and the cleaness of the air.
    Looking forward to your next adventure

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    • Thanks David, we also have just had several days of welcome winter weather and rain after several days of heatwave, and likewise welcome the change. It is so nice not having to breathe smoke all day and night as we did last year. The birds have been much less this season here, and wonder if the fires have had an impact. We saw lots of burnt bush recovering up north last week, but not a lot of birds. Fig birds were not affected as they are on the coastal rainforest areas and foreshore trees. We have not been able to get out as much as we would like at present, but hope to get out of the Covid mindset soon, as we are now 12 days free of it in our state, though I think they still detect it in sewerage in some places. Most are still wearing masks though they are not required to, but up north no masks at all. Yes the rugged coastal shots of the sea-eagle was a treat when I lived right on the coast. It is always lovely to revisit the cliffs and beaches where I did a lot of my first birding, and the Sea-Eagle family were my best subjects. Enjoy your weekend and the comforting sound of falling rain.:-)


  3. Birds can build a friendship with humans, even in the wild as you’ve proven, Ashley! “Your” eagle is beautiful, what a wonderful memory. I really love the the Australasian Figbird male’s distinct reddish eye ring of skin. I also liked seeing your Strangler Fig photos, they are all around in the areas I’ve been exploring, some engulf a tree here too. I’ll have to share a few in a post one day.

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    • Thanks Donna, yes it was a very special and unique time with the eagle and I recall one of my sons visiting me and we walked on a secluded beach near there to show him the sea cave and I mentioned to him about the eagle and he immediately replied “Dad, is it like the one above us.”, and there it was, he saw it too. The Strangler Figs are amazing the way they take over their host. I have seen one in an ancient rainforest up north so large when it wrapped around a very enormous tree and killed it, hundreds of years later it formed a space beneath where children played.Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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  4. I love reading your stories, it is like walking with you through such beautiful country side. The eagle was fascinating to see and always such colorful birds around you. That first quote is very wise and the scripture from the book of John, is what everyone should keep in their hearts and mind to reflect on. It seems to be missing for a lot of folks here in this country.

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  5. I am ever convinced that Australia holds the world’s greatest birds! Thank you for another wonderful post. Early today my husband and I were out in the neighborhood and saw a falcon, but could have been a hawk. Pretty high up…but impressive to me anyway!
    Brother, it’s a good thing that the Lord has you to guide us through His awesome birds. Even if there was only ONE bird in creation it would be great, but He made a multitude with their own songs.
    Thank you brother Ashley!

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    • Thanks Lisa Beth, it was great that you both got to see an impressive raptor on your walk. They are the most popular birds with birders due to their majestic form. Thank you again dear sister for your most encouraging and appreciative comments, you always lift my spirit. 🙂

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