15 comments on “Looking Toward the Future with 2020 Vision – What Have We Learnt ?

    • Thanks Hans, that’s lovely, a very happy Christmas to you and your big family, may you have many good memories. The Grey Butcherbird is my favorite bird. I get so much joy hearing him sing to me each day and coming to my birdbaths with his family, he is a such a happy bird with a cheerful call, I always smile inside when I hear him throughout the day. 🙂


  1. Hi Ashley,
    Been a tough year in more ways than one.

    Hope the current restrictions are not too onerous for you. Have to say that we learned a lot about our need for interaction with people during the Melbourne Lockdow, All power to our government for being able to hold the course, until the horrid thing was bought under control.
    I think we both learned to enjoy a much simpler lifestyle, not so much driven by other’s demands on our time.
    The blogs that I follow, and the Flickr communities that I follow, all helped provide some valuable input and intellectual challenge that was obvious missing not having personal contact with other likeminded folk.
    We supported many of our local business, as best we could, after all there is only so much coffee one can consume in a day. 🙂

    Thanks for your wonderful updates and insights into the lives of birds and of course how that harmonises with the greater universe.
    So much to learn, so much to enjoy

    Best wishes to you and your family, and your blog readership for the festive season, and may 2021 settle us into a more stable opportunity to enjoy the birds

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    • Thanks so much David for your warm and appreciative comments, they are much appreciated. I want to also thank you for your important contribution to us during this year with what you shared and always the beautiful captures you showcase. I am always inspired by your work my friend. Wishing you and your wife a most enjoyable Christmas celebration, and we give thanks that it will be at least Covid free for Christmas and New Year for you, though for us on the south side of Sydney we are on alert, but not locked down as the north side is. It has been a busy morning getting the food in for the feast. All the best of everything 🙂


      • Hi Ashley, glad to learn you are a Southsider, at least you have a little control over your movements.

        Strangely, I find myself, after having endured the long, nearly year long, restrictions on us, that I’ve been watching the Sydney numbers and following the various commentators with what can only be described as ‘morbid fascination’.
        It is a bit like reliving it all over again.
        Power to Gladys and her team, and hopefully some releif is in the offing.

        Best wishes to all.


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    • Thanks so much Robyn, I am encouraged greatly that you enjoy my blog posts each week. May you both also enjoy a very blessed Christmas together and a wonderful New Year in 2021. 🙂


    • Thanks Sandra, Amen sister ! May you and your family have a most enjoyable Christmas even amid this trying time for your country. This recent outbreak has placed us on alert, but thankfully we are not locked down for Christmas. Blessings in abundance !


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