8 comments on “Birding in a Heat Wave – What Birds Do When it is Too Hot

  1. Hello Ash,
    As we enter the winter season in earnest, I remember that it is summer for my friends in the southern hemisphere. The innate wisdom of the birds to stay cool during the heat wave is an important reminder for us to take a moment to stop and let things settle. We hope you are staying safe and as cool as possible in the heat and may you and all your family continue to be blessed in the coming week.

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  2. I certainly don’t miss the heat in summer on the mainland, but I do remember what it’s like. Hope it cools down enough to give you some respite. Down here in Tassie, it’s nice and cool but extremely windy and on and off rain, even the birds I’ve seen flying today appear almost out of control!

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    • Tassie sounds my kind of climate, I love cool and crisp. Tassie is a place of weather changing constantly, especially on the west coast where we have had 4 seasons in several hours including snow. I love many of the people in Tassie also, they are so Aussie easy going and friendly. Enjoy your week 🙂

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  3. Well done Ashley, an interesting set of observations.
    I grew up in mallee country in Victoria, some birds had to endure months of 40+ days, but without any local standing water. Tank leaks, cattle troughs and similar were often the best they could find.

    The Sun-hazing of the Magpies is interesting. Today I watched a number of Welcome Swallows doing the same thing. They do become quite trance like.

    On birdbaths, our two local Spotted Dove have a pretty unique bathing experience. They simply flop down in the water and soak. It’s like watching someone enjoy a hot tub or spa 🙂 It’s not unusual for them to sit, (hot days or cold days) for as much as 10-15 minutes.

    When finished they stand on the edge of the bath, and the water drains away like out of a sponge.

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    • Interesting how they survive out there, I guess this is why flocks are all the go in the desert areas for finches and parrots to use the collective brains to find food and water. Funny how the Spotted Dove bathe, I notice how each of my local bird species bathe differently. Miners fly in quickly dunk and fly out whereas the Magpie sits in the middle and splashes it everywhere cleaning every part. Other birds just stand in it


  4. I’m sorry to hear that you are being hit with high temperatures. While we just entered an early winter with temperatures in the mid 20’s F. Birds that do not migrate will have to handle the rigors of winter. In your case they will help themselves with any body of water for bathing. Great post, Ashley. 🙂

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