10 comments on “Birding in our Nations Capital – Canberra Botanic Gardens.

  1. You certainly had a lovely couple of days among the birds, and no doubt enjoyed some special family time.

    Magpies in spite of being ubiquitous, are as you suggest a very intelligent bird, and offer great insights into their family life. I never tire of watching them

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    • Thanks David, I heartily agree, the more I watch them, especially the ones becoming my friends at home, the more I see they are just like us, interesting with individual characters.


  2. As always, you impress me with the variety of birds that you can photograph. I wonder how many birds you have on your list of “lifers”. Good job, Ashley. 🙂

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    • Thanks HJ, sadly due to the Covid and restrictions on travelling we have not been able to explore our country as much as we would like for new lifers, and hope to do so in the new year, as everyone else is doing it at the moment now our state borders recently opened. 🙂

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    • Thanks Mim, we were wanting to go to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve in the hills but it was too hot on the day, this is always a good spot to visit, so we relented and took an easier way out with the botanics. Yesall the birds are doing very well at present as many residents have many flowering fruit and native trees and members of the Parrot and Bowerbird families are numerous.

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