8 comments on “A Warm Wader Welcome for the Spring Return of the Bar-tailed Godwit

  1. Hello Ash,
    This was a wonderful way to end my Sunday (yesterday) and start a brand new week. It is a warm wader welcome indeed! You know how much I miss seeing waders in my country (as I missed seeing them during migration season due to the pandemic). The shy Eastern Curlew touched me especially – he looks like a gentle giant out there, and I know their numbers are decreasing.

    I am glad Butch is passing on the tradition of trusting a few select humans! It must be a great feeling, to feel trust from them, and to know that they know you are their friend 🙂 The Eastern Water Dragon is a striking and handsome fellow! I can see why canvas prints would be such a hit item. Thank you, for sharing your beautiful Australian Spring with us!

    May you and Mr H have a blessed week, and I’ll be in touch soon.

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    • Thanks Takami, so glad that I can share our waders with you as you miss seeing your own. We use to see more species but in the last few years have not. The further north we go to the tropics we find massive flocks and more variety of species of waders. Some of our waders nest here, such as the Stilts, some Plovers and Avocets, but most are migratory. The Eastern Curlew is amazingly wary of humans, I think it is passed on information as these birds provide meat to Asian countries during transit migration via Asia, being the worlds largest wader. Birdlife International is trying help fowlers in these country breed birds for sale rather than kill wild birds, but it is not working that well, and many Asian countries are also filling in their wetlands to build. This is why numbers are depleting annually like the Eastern Curlew and Red Knot. Thankfully, the Godwits that graze on our beaches do the cross the Pacific run in Spring, whereas the others in the north west move via Asia. Many die because of their diminishing wetland. The major stopover for most of our waders are disappearing yearly and the birds can not get enough to enable them to finish the journey and many fall into the ocean exhausted and perish. On a brighter note, have a wonderful week both you and hubby, and explore. Sadly, the extreme wet weather has now decimated the crops our farmers were excited about with the drought breaking. If it is not one thing it is another. The Lord has his way in all this, it must certainly be difficult for them both financially and emotionally at this time. Our major dam is now overflowing and could mean flooding for some areas. Australia, ‘a land of droughts and flooding rains’ as a famous Aussie poet says. With no new cases of the virus things are gradually and cautiously getting back to some form of normal here. Enjoy your week my friend!

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  2. Superb shots of the Bar-tailed Godwit, Ashley. This is perfect timing, I have been photographing the Marbled Godwit and was just comparing yours against mine. (We have the Bar-tailed too.) Love the Australian White Ibis in flight, awesome shot!!

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    • Thanks Donna, yes the Godwits like the many species of migratories have returned to their warmer southern areas for the next 5 – 6 months, which is a buzz for us as we are always hopeful that some migrant rare to our area will land on our beaches, which has happened in the past. Enjoy living the dream my friend 🙂

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  3. So good to see one of my favourite birds! I liked the quotes you used too, they seemed quite fitting for me at this time. I am currently off work on holidays but have received word a significant change is about to happen, which means changing the type of work I do as well as having to work from another location increasing my travel time. Not much information is being handed down which is causing some stress and anxiety, and I’m trying hard not to let this interfere with my holidays, especially as it is something out of my control. I had such a great time on Bruny Island, (posts to come soon!) so it’s disappointing this event is happening while I’m on holidays as it makes it hard to wind down from a busy and unusual year at work. Time to plan another mini getaway and get back to nature for some grounding I think!

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    • Thanks Sue, so great that you have been enjoying your holidays, especially with the absence of all the usual tourists, it must be lovely to find solitude in so many beautiful places. Sorry to read of the unsettling time you are facing concerning your job. It is always a concern when you are left out of the loop and only partial information is filtered through. We will pray that you receive a clear understanding soon and for your job situation. Yes it is very disappointing when these things happen when you are attempting to relax and take your mind off work, it is the fly in the ointment you might say. Yes time to meditate and consider. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

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  4. Brother, you have once again opened a glorious glimpse into God’s feathered creations. Thank you for highlighting the Bar-tailed Godwit. I returned to your wonderful book to read that passage again. Eight day non stop flight? I’m still amazed.
    This should really stir our hearts as believers to follow through with fasting and praying in seasons of urgency until, like the Bar-tailed Godwit, we get to our ‘destination’ – a spiritual breakthrough, greater closeness to Christ.
    Thank you for all your diligence in preparing these enlightening posts, photos and videos. To showcase the marvels of our Creator is such an honored calling!

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