11 comments on “Spring Brings New Things – Birding Date with Table Service

  1. The Rainbow Lorikeets are always a favorite of mine in your posts, and I really enjoyed seeing and hearing the Green Catbird. I enjoyed too your videos of the young male Superb Lyrebird, working on ‘growing up’. 😊

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    • Thanks Donna, it is always a blessing to experience the gifts we are granted on our birding dates, they have become an important part of our life at present. Delighted you enjoyed the post, birds have so many beautiful and interesting dimensions to each of their species. Enjoy your week and time away.

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  2. Hello Ash,
    What a wonderful, wonderful birding date for you both, and a perfect way to celebrate the 3rd! I am so happy your government is handling the situation so well, and do hope conditions will continue to improve. I am twice happy Spring has already brought many blessings (and many bird families) and wish you and Mrs H a blessed week ahead! I will send an email soon 🙂

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    • Thanks Takami, the big test today was the heat wave and all the people who went to the Sydney beaches. Special patrols and police made sure people were doing the right thing so we now wait to see if any new breakouts occur. Thanks for your kind and warm blessings dear friend. Spring is so much better this year than last when the drought was so bad and the threat of fires already starting in Spring. Enjoy your first full week in your new experience, praying you enjoy it and make lovely new friendships.

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  3. What a great day out for you both Ashley. Love the photos and the sound clip of the green catbird, don’t think I have ever come across that one before. And I absolutely loved the video clip of the dusky moorhen feeding its little one, so cute! Have a wonderful week!

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    • Thanks Sue, Yes the Catbird is not a bird many get to see or hear these days, though the early English settlers that settled near rainforest would be out at night with lanterns and rifles trying to find the woman or child in distress, but come home quite perplexed because they could not find them each night. Finally they realised it was a bird, a Catbird.:-) You enjoy your week in the freedom of living in your wonderful Isle. Your beautiful posts make us want to go back.

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  4. Ashley, you certainly have a most wonderful park to work in. The variety of birds and the settings are surely inspirational.

    Everytime I see Rainbow Lorikeets, it reminds that the “Circus is back in town”. 🙂

    Hope the weather continues to improve and that a simple coffee stop is refreshing and encouraging.
    Beaut shots indeed

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    • Thanks David, yes we love the Nasho for a walk. We always find something different and interesting, but the walk is good for us, as we walk further into the forest these days to escape the people. The rainbows are the daily background noise where we live while the Butcherbird and Magpie sing the main chorus throughout the day. We had a 30 °C day today, was quite warm but a nice breeze, tomorrow to be hotter. We are in need of rain again to keep the creeks flowing and nesting birds maintained. Enjoy your week!


  5. After the forest fires, you’re getting variety of birds and cool weather; Must feel like another world!
    Are you in lockdown now? Take care my friend. 🙂

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    • Thanks HJ, Yes after the rain and cool weather the birds have returned, but the hot days have just started again today earlier than usual. No we are not in lockdown, but many of our state are having holidays inside our state. Our state has one of the best Covid handling policies (our Prime Minister calls it the Gold Standard) and result in the world so far having no new cases for a week, where as the state next to us has one of the worse. Our borders have been closed for the last few months so no one can travel between states or overseas, but these restrictions were beginning to lift this week. Enjoy your week my friend!


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