10 comments on “Western NSW Road Trip – The Beautiful Bird Book Trail – Part 1

  1. Your Scarlet Honeyeaters are another favorite of mine of your birds, Ashley, enjoyed seeing so many wonderful photos of them. So glad to hear of your successful first week book tour, how exciting! Great message this post too, thank you for sharing.

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    • Thanks so much Donna, we were so excited to discover these Scarlets on our tour, they were a highlight, as they are usually difficult to find and photograph. Thanks also for you well wishes, we continue to keep you both and your daughter and family in prayer. Enjoy your road trip of discovery, we would love to do the same when next year if things improve Covidly. 🙂

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  2. Hello Ash,
    So very happy to see it was a blessed and productive (and hopefully refreshing) trip! What beautiful birds and how wonderful to see your book is doing so well. I am glad you and Mrs H could enjoy a peaceful time at one of your favorite hotels, and you remained safe from flying golf balls!
    (I am still catching up on emails and will send you an update soon!) Wishing you and your family a blessed, safe weekend.

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  3. Thanks Lisa Beth, so delighted the post and Birder Sanctuary pages were a blessing to you. I am grateful to our Lord that he has made available this means of sharing his love with others. Enjoy your week dear sister 🙂


  4. Thank you brother Ashley for these stunning videos and narratives. The Lord surely reveals these precious gems to you for us to see.
    I visited your Bird Sanctuary page again which is very edifying. I have gained a lot through the wisdom of life “seasons”. Such understanding helps me move forward and accept the closure God puts on various things.
    Thank you brother, may the Lord continue to inspire you, revealing His glory for all to see.

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