15 comments on “Morning Walks Through the Local Reserve – Bird Territories

  1. Happy six years blogging, Ashley! I very much enjoyed reading your post of reflection, seeing your personal photos, feeling so thankful for our friendship over the years. Your posts have always been an inspiration to me, yours were posts that I always waited until I had quiet time to read. I didn’t want to miss a word nor a photo nor a video. I love your passion for birding and educating children, what a legacy you’ve accomplished! With much more to come I know! I’m excited for your second book, congrats on its upcoming release, can’t wait to order my copy.

    This post’s bird captures and videos were wonderful as always. The Noisy Miner preening shots were awesome! And I always love your Superb and Variegated Fairy-wrens, such a delight. I enjoy hearing how the Eastern Yellow Robin will sometimes follow you, hoping you’ll stir up a tasty snack, made me smile! That’s pretty cool, love to have that happen to me. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your love of birding, you and your wife are true bird whisperers. And thank you for your comforting words over this past year, you have been a blessing at the right time so many times. Bless you both.

    (P.S. I’ve been awol from blogging for several days, from traveling back to Indiana to our motorhome, and finally, this morning we rolled out of the mfgr’s lot and out of Indiana. I can’t help but say hallelujah! We’re headed east for home, we’ll arrive Saturday. We canceled our final reservation out west that was the last leg of our summer trip. We can do the whole trip that was planned another year we said, and that is fine. Right now, it seems more important to see family, especially those three grandboys!)


    • Thanks Donna, for your most encouraging comments and appreciation of my work. I likewise am always blessed by your blog posts. We rejoice with you that you are back on the road again and able to see your grandies again. So pleased for you both, it has been a long drawn out wait. I am so blessed to know the Lord has used me to bless you. We visited our grandies for the first time in a year a yesterday, it was lovely to see them again. 🙂

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      • Thank you, Ashley. I visited with my three grandboys yesterday too, we had an outside picnic and a big yard to run it. 🙂 Seems I was the slowest when playing ‘tag, your it!” Today I am happily sore! lol

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      • So happy you were able to have time with your grandies, as I did with mine while away last week. It must have been so precious for you both, after so long. We had to distance also which made it somewhat sad for them and us, but it was lovely to see them and have fun as you did.

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  2. A wonderful variety of your local buddies, Ashley! I’m hoping this year’s seasons for Australia is a comeback after the devastating fires last year. My favorites you shared, loved the male and female Chestnut Teals, including the female bathing. And those Eastern Crimson Rosellas, so bright and beautiful! And I’m fond of your Kookaburras always, I’ve watched them in action inside a huge cage of birds at a zoo, I was so fascinated with them so tamely sitting on the tree branches watching me. Great videos of them in action with that mouse snack! And what a treasure to truly have a feathered friend and buddy with Noisy. God’s personal gifts to us come in many forms and ways! 😊

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    • Thanks Donna, delighted you enjoyed our colourful birds, they are quite stunning in the sunlight. The Kookas are a very placid bird, even when the Noisy Miners attack it, it will remain calm. I have featured it in the second addition under attack, and how it stands its ground. Though Noisy and his coalition are probably most aggressive coalition I have ever seen and the resident Kookaburra family are constantly being driven away down the street where we hear them in the distance, which is sad because they like to visit our place also. I love studying Kookas they are an amazing bird and very intelligent. Noisy allows me to get so close now, but I refrain from feeding him, as this is the worse thing you can do with these birds. He returns several times throughout the day to bathe and drink, and I am starting to think he calls for me to watch. Sometimes he brings the coalition with him, now that is really noisy. The Crested Pigeon juniors are doing fine and well fledged, though the parent is still feeding water to them. Every time I go to get my camera they have already flown. Enjoy your week my friend 🙂

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  3. Hello Ash,
    This week’s update on your local birds lived up to the expectation – as always 🙂
    It must be a real privilege to have the company of such beautiful birds. I am happy your friend Noisy continues to visit regularly – what a great friend he is 🙂
    I first learned of the Fairy-wren through your bird book, and seeing another member of their “family” is a real treat. The Brown Thornbill captured my heart – tiny it may be, but what a charming bird!

    Wishing you and all your dear ones a blessed Sunday and week ahead.

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    • Thanks Takami, so lovely you enjoyed the local birds. Noisy was let me watch him wash today, he was quieter than usual. I just missed videoing the parent Crested Pigeon drinking at the bird bath and then transferring water to one of the youngster standing just below the bath. I will do another special on the different Thornbill species again one day. I did one a few years ago but it is gone now. The Brown Thornbill is such a cutie, I never fail to enjoy this little bird’s call and the challenge of trying to photograph it. It is one of the most difficult of all birds, and if you get one in focus, lit photo out of seven you are blessed and have done well. Enjoy you week my friend !

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      • That would be something to look forward to indeed! I will wait patiently for the next segment on the Thornbill species.

        Thank you for your well wishes! (I sent an email this morning – just wanted to mention it here because it appears some of my emails have not been going through. Of course, no rush to reply!)

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  4. Ashley, you certainly had a great day out by the look of the variety of shots.
    The tail flicking Kooka is really interesting.
    The Black-shouldered Kites do a similar thing, and I think there is more to it than just a nervous reaction.
    It occurs between pairs, between siblings and between birds that are out of their territory. So depending on circumstances, it must have different functions.
    I’m sure I’ll never understand.

    I’ve only seen Variegated in the loose mallee scrub, and they are super fast and don’t wait round for slow photographers.

    Hope things are well, as we settle into the downward run on the other side of the hump. Hard to know how the restrictions will be relaxed, and will we be able to return to the field.

    Good luck

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    • Thanks David, Yes it was entertaining to watch the tail move with the shudder of its call, it had a direct connection with its voice, Yes I have see the Black-shouldered Kite move its tail slowly to indicate its territory to another. Not sure if the Kooka just does it as a reflex in this instance, but I have seen him lift and drop it when he is challenged. Yes the Variegated is one of the most difficult to get a clear shot in focus. I have very few well focused ones on them and I find the females difficult to find on many occasions, they are so fast and hide so well. Things continue to hot up in nearby suburbs but appear calm here in our town. We are still hoping and praying we can go north in a few weeks to see friends and family and begin our west bird tour circuit. Keeping you guys in thought and prayer, it must be a very trying time, but good you are over the hump and hopefully coming to easing of restrictions. Stay safe and sane, my Doona Birder friend 🙂


  5. Lovely photos of the variegated fairy wren Ashley, I can see how it might get confused with the superb fairy wren as they flit about so quickly. I loved your story about your noisy miner friend, what a nice connection you have with him. They can be annoying birds in groups, but just as for people, you can’t tar them all with the same brush! 😀

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    • Thanks Sue, yes we get excited to see Fairy-wrens but even more when we see the brilliant colour of the Variegated. Trying to get then to stay still long enough for a photo is a challenge. Yes I had my little friend come and visit and have a swim this afternoon while my wife and I watched him. He was quite at home, and stated calling to me when I walked inside. Not sure what he was trying to say. 🙂
      Enjoy your week of Covid freedom. At least things are better here than our Victorian friends. We are hoping our birding trip west next month will still go ahead.

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