12 comments on “Birding Around Sydney – Honouring Our Local Birds – Part 1

  1. Great post Ashley, I enjoyed seeing the rainbow lorikeets and the video of the magpie bathing in your bird bath. I love the grey butcherbird and I sometimes get to listen them singing from the trees in the park on my lunch break during the week. Have a good week and be safe!

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    • Thanks Sue, yes I seem to hear the excited laughing call of the Grey Burcherbird now wherever I go. I say to my wife, the Little Fella seems to follow us everywhere. He always lifts my spirit when I hear his call, many times throughout the day as he passes through our yard and around the block. Glad you have it much safer there, we are into the second wave and trying to keep away from the spreaders. So many, especially the young do not social distance, it appears to be a particular part of the community. I have enjoyed your blogs this year, it does make me want to revisit if things ever return to normal, whatever that is. Stay safe also my friend!

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  2. Hello Ash,
    What a treat indeed, to get more views of your brilliant local birds! Your “little mate” is absolutely charming, and it’s heartwarming to see how he trusted you enough to introduce his family 🙂 I excitedly recognized some of the birds from your Bird book, and it’s a pleasure to learn more about them through your post and videos.
    I share your sorrow that some of your photos from the most recent trip were lost due to technical problems (it’s every photographer’s nightmare!) but keep hope there will be another opportunity to safely go on a birding date with your wife. I am also sorry to hear about second outbreak. We are experiencing the same here, and it is indeed a stressful time.
    Keeping you, Mrs. H and all your dear ones in our thoughts and prayers. Please do try and stay safe, healthy and sane!
    (I have emailed you a bird story, beware, it is very long!)

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    • Thanks Takami. for your kind and empathetic thoughts, so glad you liked the locals, it was your inspiration that made it happen. I will have more next week. It has been cold and wet here so I have been inside putting together my next video for YouTube. So sad that so many in our countries are experiencing such terrible times. We can only pray this bleak season will come to a close soon.It is sad that even going shopping for essentials is a risk, as if a sniper is out their trying to get you in a time of war. You and hubby are in our prayers also, enjoy your weekend and likewise stay safe and be at peace as best you can 🙂

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  3. Loved this post with the vast variety of your common birds seen from your backyard. I smiled and laughed and very much enjoyed your beautiful captures and videos. It’s amazing to see what we have ‘common’ that is an amazing sighting for another. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a second outbreak, I’m sure you’re hearing about the US. Back home is not swelling with the outbreak but many other regions in our country are. We’re in the middle of nowhere, and the state we’re in just reinstated mask-wearing yesterday, which i’m thankful for, as Rick & I have never stopped wearing them. Stay safe, Ashley, and say hi to your Little Mate for me next time you see him! 🙂

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    • Thanks Donna, it is true what is common to one may be very rare to another, and that is what makes sharing our blogs so wonderful. Yes, it is getting worse, and masks may be the next move, so we are trying to keep away from the non distancers. We get concerned for our children catching trains, they wear masks now, and of course my wife has to wear a mask all day, as your children are doing. We keep them in prayer also. It is a very uncertain time which makes us run all the more to loving arms of our merciful Father, and maintain our peace and trust. This is but a season and it too shall pass. You both stay safe, we did pray for you both this morning, that your RV will get repaired ASAP. Blessings dear friend:-)

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  4. Gorgeous shots of beautiful birds.
    As I was going through your post I noticed the noisy miner and I thought it looks so much like the Indian Myna, and then there is was 🙂
    I am sorry they are interfering with the natural fauna in your region, but I am not surprised considering they are pretty adaptable and resilient. In India, we use these mynas instead of magpies when referring to the children’s rhyme – “One for sorrow, two for joy, three for letter, four for toy” – I hope you spotted a second one 😉


    • Thanks so much Vsweta for your appreciative comment. Yes there is some common traits across species,and they are similar in the way they breed and do community, which makes them a force to be reckoned with. Yes the Common Myna do adapt and breed really well here which has enabled them to over produce and create alarming numbers, particularly out west where the noisy miner is not so present to keep them away. Thanks for your welcome comment,and enjoy your week, stay safe!


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