11 comments on “Return to Birding Dates – Seeking Freshwater Birds (Part 1)

  1. Well done for being able to be out and about. There are certainly so many amazing adventures to be had locally, but its nice to stretch the feet a bit further.
    We are back home for at least 6 weeks. I don’t see much changing over that time. At least the weather is less than average, so I’m not looking out the window wondering, ‘what if’.
    I don’t want to add to the problems, so am being an obedient citizen as a committee of one.
    May the good weather and the places to go continue to give you much to share with us.

    All good

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    • Thanks David, yes things are not good in your state at the moment, and now ours is affected by the few who got away before they closed the border. It is now back in our town again, and possibly in many other towns up the coast as they make a mad dash to the warmer non infected areas. It is just so contagious. At least as you say it is Winter and with the current weather bursts, it is not as bad as say restrictions in Spring. Your committee at least is staying safe and keeping away from the rebellious party goers who are infecting everyone. They fined several clubs, pubs for breaking the rules. It was these clubs and pubs that put so much pressure on the Gov to reopen, yet church gatherings, obeying the rules to the letter, have to distance with so much more stricter rules and can’t even sing. Now for the sake of the few many will suffer, due to poor judgement. Things are turning bad quickly here now as we face our 2nd wave, after doing so well, and book sales have only just started getting back to normal after months of lock down. This is all part of the adventure that will go down in history as the the Winter of the Covid. Oh and yes we will have that pie together one day when the smoke clears and the new normal emerges 🙂


  2. Awesome birding date with your honey, Ashley! I love to hear of birding mates. 🙂 The Musk Duck (say that fast three times lol) is uniquely interesting, I liked seeing all the photos and video. Gorgeous Red Wattlebird capture and the Cleaning the Nest video is incredible! Superb new promo video, congrats on your sales, much success!

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  3. Hello Ashley,
    What a wonderful trip! I am so happy you and Mrs. H could spend some quality time with our avian friends in nature. I will take a look at your YouTube channel soon. I will also make another visit tomorrow to the post office and get the latest update on the status of international outbound mail from Japan. All our best as always.

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    • Thanks Takami, yes we are enjoying more freedom again to get out and about. My wife enjoys having Friday’s off now so we can both have a birding date, free of the busy weekend crowds. I hope things get better for you and your people soon, it has been such different year, where so much has been cancelled or postponed. Wishing you and your hubby all the best also, thank you for your kind well wishes 🙂

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  4. Some nice finds in the gorgeous Blue Mountains, lovely photos. Great promo for your latest book Ashley, hope it does even better than your first book. And good luck with the YouTube channel! I have already subscribed. 🙂

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    • Thanks Sue, The Covid has certainly changed how things were planned, book sales are moving forward slowly without school talks. Thanks for subscribing to YouTube, this is all a bit new to me and has be interesting navigating my way through it all. 🙂

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  5. Thank you dear Ashley for once again displaying God’s manifold glory. What details, even in ‘housekeeping’ the family nest!
    It so encourages me to remember how the Lord has sight of all the details in our lives.
    Glad to see and subscribe to YouTube channel – press on brother!

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    • Thanks so much dear Lisa Beth, it always delights my soul and lifts my spirit to read your worshipful appreciation of our Lord’s glorious creation, and we can see that there is no way all of this could have happened by accident, or random event, only Intelligent Design by a Master Architect. Have an enjoyable weekend dear sister 🙂

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