15 comments on “The Non Migrating Migrants – Bar-tailed Godwits and others

  1. Fascinating and beautiful captures, Ashley! I loved the pelican ballet, the video was a special treat! I was lucky some time back to capture our Marbled Godwit but it’s not as pretty as your Bar-tailed’s markings. You had a great day!

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    • Thanks Donna, I have not come across a Marbled Godwit, looks similar with its slightly upturned beak, but generally only see the Bar-tailed and Black-tailed species here in Australia, with a very rare appearance of the Hudsonian, usually blown off course. The Bar-tailed are one of my favorite waders. Praying you are all doing well and keeping safe, especially your daughter and son-in-law and their little one.:-)

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      • Thank you, Ashley, we’re doing well, kids too. The spikes of the virus in the U.S. are not near where they are, it already had the spike and their state is still very strict still. It’s the south and west U.S. where people are being ridiculous and careless. Hubby and I are staying to ourselves, we’re still waiting for our motorhome repairs. Ugh. Been 4 1/2 weeks, they say another 2-3 weeks. It is not right. I had to cancel our first campground reservation we were to be at this week, hopefully we make it to the next one scheduled and those thereafter. Trying to stay positive!

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      • We are praying daily for you and the family. We will ask our gracious Father for your camper trailer to be repaired sooner rather than later. We have the second wave of virus getting worse in our neighboring state so things could get worse again here. Richest blessings dear friend and continue staying safe.

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  2. Extraordinary! Swan Lake ballet has nothing on those wonderful pelicans. From your lens, it seems like everything happens in Australia! But I have my own report….just spent 2 weeks up on a mountain in NH. SO many birds but so hard to see any thru the many trees thick foliage. I was determined. Finally, with my binoculars, I located the most resounding soloist on tip top of a high tree. THE EASTERN TOWHEE! Found it!
    Thank you brother for all your inspiration! Press on!

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    • Thanks Lisa Beth, So lovely you both had a refreshing time exploring our Lord’s beautiful garden in the mountains. We have the same problem, especially with our tall eucalypt trees in rainforests where there is not much light. Photographing birds in our evergreen trees is always a challenge. How wonderful your persistence paid off and you saw the little songster making its joyful sound. Robyn and I are always delighted when we see the bird singing, and enjoying the experience, it so lifts one’s spirit. I just listened to their ‘drink your tea’ sound it is beautiful. Have a wonderful week sister, and stay safe 🙂

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  3. Hello Ashley,
    What a treat to see these amazing birds. Some of these birds migrate to Japan during our Spring and Autumn. The current global situation prevented me from making the trip to my favorite nature sanctuary this this Spring, so it’s a real pleasure to see them here 🙂
    (I am continuing to check with the post office about outbound mail. Hope to update you soon!)

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    • Thanks Takami, yes I know that our Western Australian or west coast based Godwits travel to your area in your Summer, and our eastern coast Godwits go to Alaska. Sad the covid is stopping many birder friends in other states and countries from getting out. Our state has been doing very well lately with no new cases, thanks to our government acting swiftly, but one other state, I want to visit soon is closed as they are having a second wave due to people not taking distancing seriously. Glad you are doing well and praying we all stay safe through this unusual time.

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  4. You certainly had a most impressive day out. So many birds and so much information.
    We only get a few lay-over migrants, and at present are locked out of the Treatment Plant, hopefully we might get access before they return.

    We came across a pair of Little Raven today, and they are already working on replenishing their nest and getting ready for the next generation.
    Life does indeed go on.

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    • Thanks David, Lovely to see Little Raven, they are rare in our parts. It is no secret I admire the Godwits greatly and I guess they are a special bird to me I love to observe, and always get a thrill when I see their little images in the distance by the shore at low tide. Hope you are well and able to get about during your state’s lock down. It is sad that many do not take it seriously enough.


  5. Love all the photos in your post Ashley, the gannet especially brought back fond memories of holidays in Jervis Bay when I was young and I remember watching a few gannets diving for fish in the bay. And great footage of the pelicans, I never knew they behaved like that, it was incredible to watch!

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    • Thanks Sue, yes we get a buzz from seeing Gannets this far north, the best place I have seen them is in Portland, Victoria where they have an island to themselves. Hundreds of them just hover over your head, it is an amazing experience. Yes the Pelicans had quite a strange fishing technique, which has been intriguing many people who live by the lake. It just emphasizes how intelligent and organised socially birds are.

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